Bring me to life with your words,
Ignite me with the strokes of your lips.
Can you hear my heart thudding, or is it yours I hear?
Flames dancing between us, charring away our strips .

Together, windswept , we ride the skies,
Reaching worlds beyond this world.
These embers of desires are fuelled by love,
Lost and found in a swirl.

Boundaries fade , melding us in one,
As whispered caresses sizzle the skin.
Like stars colliding, shattering the night,
Blazing a fire deep within.

Higher and higher, smoulders burn,
leisurely licking the darkness.
Touching its peak, a wild crescendo,
Into nothingness, into beingness.

© Sona, 2018



I am not the prettiest girl on earth,
And have my share of problems and issues.
But it didn’t scare you, the way I thought it would,
And for that alone, I admire you.

You tell me I am perfect, even when I am not,
And that you are with me, no matter the issues.
Accepting me for whatever I am,
And for that alone I respect you.

You raise me up when I feel low,
Willing me to live, and not let go.
You remind me to see the goodness in life,
And for this alone I thank you.

You hold my hands, in every step of my way,
Smiling and laughing, life feels easy with you.
You care for the people I care about,
And for this alone I cherish you.

You consider me most important, crowning me as your number one,
Never making me feel little, for the things I can’t do.
You are kind and sweet, strong and all mine,
and for all this and much, much more, I love u.

© Sona, 2018

UMBRELLA♥ part 1

“We held hands on that magic day, we were beautifully bonded as lovers,
The rain romantically fell, our heart shaped umbrellas served as our cover.” ~R~❤️

Some magic, some poetry, and begins an enchanting story.❤️

As the rain drenches the earth one evening,
City roads creek and groan.
Shivering, trembling, , I am running fast,
Finding my way through blazing horns.

though flashing cars offer me their sapphire seats,
I ignore their open doors.
Some call me foolish, some call me proud,
But I need their judgements no more.

So, alone I move on beneath the darkening skies,
Wishing I had someone to hold.
And as I stop to catch my breath , one blazing moment,
A magic draws me from across the road

I look up and see you standing there,
And my world momentarily stops.
Your face, your vibe feels so familiar,
Aren’t you the one I love to dream about?

The rain doesn’t seem to touch me anymore,
As your spell draws me in deep.
Only now do I see you are holding an umbrella,
Quietly wishing to share it with me.

Laughing I warn you I am a bit crazy,
In a line even spill my life’s story.
But you are still there, holding your umbrella,
Still Wishing to share it with me.

“Are you some Magician I dreamed into life?”,
I ask as I draw nearer.
Smiling you pull me close, into your warmth,
Covering me under your umbrella.

Too spell bound am I to say anything anymore,
As I feel your magic surround me.
And to the readers who want to know what happened next,
Well It is still an ongoing story.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Words I use to call my love😍 a fun post

Just jotting down some of the things I call Him by. Some names are sweet, most pretty spicey and cutely hilarious.
Just so you know, he loves them all.
So here it goes. 💜
Mr. Freeze
Honey bunny
Cuty, cuty petuty,
My love
mr. romantic poet
my lover, my hero,
Shah Rukh khan of wp.

💜💜now the spicey ones 😅
Tiger…during my forest fantasies😅
sexy, hotty, naughty, … sigh.
Monkey, chimpanzee, gorrila, ape, ,
Dummy, dodo, silly cow.
Giant, teeny minded giant,
Ungrateful little git,
Cartoon, joker,
Stupid, idiot, donkey, monkey, ullu, lallo…. All this in a song hehe
Frozen brain
Creature… he loves this one
😂😂😂all the above names are said with hearts in my eyes. They are loaded with sugar and fun and we laugh like kids over each one of them. ❤️❤️
My favourite name however is 💖💖
ROY. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

I love you my dearest.

Talking to my Sir. , note one

You roll down my cheeks
Like tears in my eyes,
You pass in my memories
And give me the most brilliant smile.
How can I ever let you go from my life,
How can my heart ever say Goodbye.
Guide me my Angel, my star,
help me heal with your power. 🙏🏻.

forever your student, your daughter, and shy colleague,
or should i say
Dr Sonal
the way you liked addressing me towards the end.
i love you,
always Sir.

God took away my angel from me today

Lost one of my biggest cheer leader today, the Dumbledore of my academic life, : Professor A.K. Sharma, who was the controller examination of my university. Sir passed away today with Corona. If God could truly ever come down on Earth, to hold our hands through storms, then he came for me in the form of Sharma ji. Sir was my silent wizard, who loved me like his daughter, and helped me like no other, besides my parents. His loss today has shaken my life, and I know his place can never be taken by anyone. A tremendously kind, loving, gentle, energetic, and supremely helpful soul, my Sir was no less than a father figure for me. He touched thousands and thousands of lifes with his goodness and I am sure there is not a soul today who has not wept for him. A grave loss for the society , Sir, my dearest Sir, your goodness will remain in my mind and heart, and I will Always dedicate my entire success to your guidance. You were and you will always be my angel, and I will always love and respect you. Rest in peace Sir.

❤️❤️ You are my love moon.❤️❤️

A thousand stars dot the night sky,
But the only light that catches my eye,
Is you.
You are my moon.

The one silver lining to my haze,
And no matter how dark my days,
I know these eyes will always find you.
You my darling you ,
are my moon.

Stronger and bigger than all those twinkling lights,
Capturing my romantic heart,
Weaving soft dreams in my mind.
You , my darling you,
Are my moon.

And I always smile when I gaze up at you,
Touch your ivory soul with my fingers so true,
No distance exists between me and you.
You , my darling you,
Are my moon.

Forever reflecting in my eyes,
My moon.
My hope, my happiness, my shine,
My moon.

Yes you, my darling you,
Are my moon.

And I love you.
©️©️Sona and Roy, 2021,
All rights reserved.
Sparkling freeze ✨💖🌘❄️.


Surfacing from an inky Slumber,
I found myself holding your heart,
A kaleidoscope bursting at the seams,
Oozing love from every part.
It draped me in scarlet pink,
Coating me like a glove,
And I was drowning once again, gasping, ,
But this time in your regal love.
I closed my eyes to gaze into your night,
As you lingered over my skin,
Chest heaving, mind soaring,
I tasted decadent sin.
My tresses lay entwined in your fingers,
As your lips stroked my beaming visage ,
In your arms, I sighed and quivered
As passion stirred and raged.
You are the ocean I lay on, my love,
Your foam, the furs I adorn,.
I am drowning in your endless dream, wake me not,
Your depth whispers to me the most alluring love song.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Happy holi

Colours of love, happiness, joy, laughter and success
Fill each heart today,
As we play holi with pichakari,
And eat gujiya .

Stay safe guys and remember covid is rising again.
Holi milan me dil se milye, gale lag ke nahi 😉

Enjoy the festival of colours.
May goodness and truth always live in our hearts.
With that little wish,
Here is wishing you all,
Specially my North Indian community,
Happy Holi.
Loads of love.

Saturday letter for you

As I lay in bed the other day,
Thinking about you and me,
I realised that despite our storms,
You are the only person with whom I want to be.
In the stillness of the night,
A thought came to my mind,
I know I have told you this already,
But now with our names they are signed.
And here it goes.
I love you
For who you are.
I love you,
Despite who you are.
You have planted in my heart, the sweetest flowers of love,
You, my baby, are the light in this sparkling star. 💖💖💖
I am happy because of you,
You give me so much peace and contentment,
You have become my sun and moon,
If you permit, in your heart I will always rent. 😉❤️
Ooh actually I know your answer already, ☺️
I love you my darling, my honey bunny. 🤗💖
With loads of love and cuddly cute kisses
©️©️Roy and Sona, 2021.
Sparkling freeze
All rights reserved

Saturday letter for you

No poem, just feelings.

My dearest Mr freeze,
Before I start sheding tears all over WP, I just want you to know, that
I do not like my days without you.
I am trying, swear I am,
Trying Not to miss you so much but I am failing , I think.
Saturday has been empty, and no calls from friends could cheer me up.
Classes lost their appeal. Like a magician, I am trying to hear your smile, your laughter, your jokes in my head.
It has been only the first day today and I already do not like this.
My rainbows have no colours without you. My laughter has no real happiness without you.
The only thing my morose heart can chant is
I miss you so much, so very much 🤗


Curled up on the couch,
I am holding my book.
My mind floating in our garden,
Like a love bird’s would.

We were sitting in our patch,
In the shade of our tree.
You had your head on my lap,
Eyes caressing me.

You moved your hands up my hair,
Removing my clip.
Fingers brushing my face,
Touching my lips.

Heart pounding by now,
Like the nearby stream.
I let your fingers wonder,
Like they do in my dreams.

That moment in time,
Is my moment divine.
That first taste of your lips,
Oh Darling! It blows my mind.

Feeling your warmth, I reach out,
Only to grab the air.
Oh! I am still curled up on the couch,
My brainy book right there.

© Sona, 2018

Addictive vibrations

Tentative touches,
Secret smiles,
Why are you
So glued in my mind.
Your scent in my dreams,
A delicious sensation.
Baby I am helpless,
You got addictive vibrations.

Yes yes sugar,
You got adictive vibrations.
Cant you see,
How you pull me.
You got adictive vibrations.

Red lipstick in the dark,
Not a word we speak.
Your citrus cologne,
Pressed into my cheeks.
Our hearts beating fast,
the thrill of temptation.
Baby I am helpless,
You got adictive vibrations.

Yes yes sugar,
You got adictive vibrations.
Can’t you see,
How you pull me.
You got addictive vibrations.

Sweet , ferocious.
Vanilla complications.
Baby can’t you see,
You got addictive vibrations.

©️©️ Sona, 2021.
All rights reserved.

Truth of my heart

Are some visions just dreams.
What if I can feel them singing up my finger tips,
Or what if I can taste them like a rosy elixia.
How can I look forever into your eyes when I can’t see.
How can I feel your heartbeat every night as I sleep.
They say truth is an illusion, then let it shatter all expectations,
I can be a happy star in a blessed constellation.
No need for arguments, no pockets of pain,
Let the illusion show the truth wrapped in love in a frame.
You and I have never met, yet we have never been apart,
You live in me and I in you, that’s the truth of my heart.

©️©️ Sona 2021.
All rights reserved .


Hi guys,
Hope you all are well. Last night I recorded a song in my voice and I thought I could share it on WordPress. So here I am doing just that.
Since my throat aint in the best of conditions, due to terrible cough and cold, my voice is a little heavy. But heck, who cares!!!
So have fun. …
I am uploading the video as well as sharing the YOU TUBE link. Check out whatever works for you.

Have a gala time.


Living waters flow on

Living Waters Flow On
Sweep Away my pain,
Bring your healing to my heart.
Help me love once again.
Cares And Worries Get Me Down

Fear Of Failure Fills My Day
When I’m Lost And All alone,
Help Me Lord To find my way.
Children come into my life
With their laughter and their song
When will I become like them
Teach me Lord to sing along.
Living waters flow on
Sweep away my pain
Bring your healing to my heart
Help me love once again. .

Happy Kiss day ❤️❤️

Close your eyes and feel the soft wind on your face, my love,
The stars blush tonight in bliss.
Do you feel roses falling from the sky,
As I take you in my arms and give you a pink kiss.
Time stops in this moment, this breath is divine,
There is no need for more poetry, as we are the rhyme.
Your smile pulsing in my heart, what else is this if not love,
The Angels have brought us together, now they serenade us with blossoms from above.
You get lost in me, and I find myself in you,
Where I end, you begin, that is us anew.
Soft kisses on your lips, may our love be like that of waves and shore,
May we always cherish our beautiful bond, and may it grow forever more.
With that wish in my heart,
Happy kiss day, my sweetheart ❤️

©️©️ Sona and Roy 2021
All rights reserved.
Sparkling freeze ❄️💖✨✨

Happy Hug Day 🤗❤️

❤️🤗A Valentines Hug
I wrap my arms around you, and I hold you tight. To ensure that you stay with me, throughout the whole night.💫
We keep each other warm, with comforting thoughts and love. Heartbeats matching in unison, as Cupid’s arrows shower is from above.
Having the reverse affect, when it lands on these two lovers. They’re eyes meet every time, only falling in love with each other.
The gentle lips move slowly, and I kiss your beautiful face. And once again I trap you, in my arms warm embrace.
A penny for your thoughts, and a nickel for a kiss you see. A dime for my sweetie, if she tells me that she loves me.
Let’s hold each other closely, on the beach do unlimited walking. We’ll occasionally kiss but won’t say nothing, we’ll let our hearts do the talking.♥️
And when the Valentines Sun sets, and that romantic wind blow. The only thing that will be evident, is that we still hadn’t let each other go.

♥️🤗Happy Hug Day♥️🤗

©️©️ Roy and Sona 2021.
All rights reserved.
Sparkling Freeze 💖❄️✨✨

Happy Promise day 💖💖

His lovely message, that made my heart smile so big this morning ☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️
Such a gorgeous way to wake up ❤️❤️

A Valentines Promise
If you open this box my dear, because it’s something you have the key to. What you’ll find inside, is promises I have to you.
I give you one promise, to do my best to treat you right. To be there when you need me, morning, noon and night.
I give you two promises, to only look at you one way. That’s clearly from perfection, I’ll never ask you to change someday.
I give you three promises, the healing and laughter. The silly songs and words, and the happily ever after.
I give you four promises, and this one isn’t hard to see. That your beautiful eyes and gorgeous smile, will always hypnotize me.
I give you five promises, with my body, soul and mind. Your heart is my paradise, and my support is yours at all time.
And I give you one more promise, and that’s to be by your side. When you wake up in the morning, when our dreams and reality do collide.♥️♥️🌹

Happy Promise Day 🌹

©️©️ Roy and Sona, 2021.
Sparkling Freeze 💖❄️✨✨

Happy Teddy Day ☺️🤗

❤️Clouds circle me so many nights,
But one breath from you , and they flee in fright,
You wrap me in your arms and hold me tight,
Your heart is my very own paradise.
When I snuggle into you, I can feel your love and care,
You softly kiss my head and stroke my hair,
You are warm and cuddly and so very dear,
You are my very own cuty petuty teddy bear. 🤗☺️
I love you ❤️❤️
Happy teddy day ☺️☺️❤️
To my sweetheart, so beautiful and true.
Who turns my grey sky’s, to a sunshine blue.
You held my hand, from the very start.
And from that day on, you’ve had my heart.❤️
I missed giving you chocolates for Valentines, and I’m so sorry too. Here is a cute little teddy, from me to you.
Happy Valentines Day❤️❤️
©️©️ Sona and Roy, February 10th 2021.
Sparkling Freeze 💖❄️✨✨

Inn aakho ki chamak

Andheri raaton ki khamoshi mein ye dil jab dhadakta hai,
Aakhein num hojaati hai, sapne tadapte hai.
Mutthi me jakadti hu main, apni aakhon ki chamak,
Ek chandni raat mein barse ga mujhpe zaroor khuda tera raham.

Jhumega ye dil zaroor Ek din rango ki khilkilahat se,
Ud chalungi mein sapno ke pyare ghar me.
Mere khuda himmat dena is dil ko jab vishwas dagmagaye,
Un khubsurat taro ko dekhungi zaroor me, wahi Andheri raato me.


she breathed
against his breath
as it maddeningly
licked her
scarlet lips,

he drank
her sighs
in his heart,
as he
her languid sips.

She gave
and gave,
stoking his thirst,
and found,
in his delicate drift,

And when he felt
her surrender
in his arms,
he knew
what he had
was a gift.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.