Bring me to life with your words,
Ignite me with the strokes of your lips.
Can you hear my heart thudding, or is it yours I hear?
Flames dancing between us, charring away our strips .

Together, windswept , we ride the skies,
Reaching worlds beyond this world.
These embers of desires are fuelled by love,
Lost and found in a swirl.

Boundaries fade , melding us in one,
As whispered caresses sizzle the skin.
Like stars colliding, shattering the night,
Blazing a fire deep within.

Higher and higher, smoulders burn,
leisurely licking the darkness.
Touching its peak, a wild crescendo,
Into nothingness, into beingness.

© Sona, 2018



I am not the prettiest girl on earth,
And have my share of problems and issues.
But it didn’t scare you, the way I thought it would,
And for that alone, I admire you.

You tell me I am perfect, even when I am not,
And that you are with me, no matter the issues.
Accepting me for whatever I am,
And for that alone I respect you.

You raise me up when I feel low,
Willing me to live, and not let go.
You remind me to see the goodness in life,
And for this alone I thank you.

You hold my hands, in every step of my way,
Smiling and laughing, life feels easy with you.
You care for the people I care about,
And for this alone I cherish you.

You consider me most important, crowning me as your number one,
Never making me feel little, for the things I can’t do.
You are kind and sweet, strong and all mine,
and for all this and much, much more, I love u.

© Sona, 2018

♥️We fell in love over poetry ♥️-The journey♥️

It was the summers, was it not, when you and I met,
The spotlight was on me , and the stage was all set.
Many stopped by to say hello, admiring my poetic gallery ,
But who had known that the conversation we had that day, would begin an enchanting love story.
We played the mirroring game, copying each other’s response,
It was fun, it was cute, like twin flames we burned along.
Every day I would pen poems, and we would continue this new dance,
You would say beautiful love lines, inspiring me to make sparkling edits in romance.
And one night when I painted, a million love stars in the sky,
You were so surprised to see your stroke there, your reflections suggested a title more gorgeous to my eye.
Smiling, I confided, I wanted to make little changes from what you had to say,
You said just wait and watch, that you yourself would be making sparkling edits one of these days.
I laughed it off, never anticipating what would happen next,
And when I woke up to read the stages of love, oh my! I could not believe the golden text.
I was amazed and happy, radiant all through the day,
And unknown to both of us, we were opening a new book, writing our story in it in a poetic way.
I had the cold, you had the flu, and there was nothing we could do,
We were talking from dawn to dusk, and time just simply flew.
Those innocent verifications, birthday dreamcations, song dedications and inspirations,
With our rain dance under our umbrella , we became the Enchantress and the Magician.
We began to hangout, desiring to explore these romantic embers of attraction,
With luscious foreign ink filling our hearts, we were tasting the sweet spice of spring season.
Our unfinished first fiery collaboration , my shy hesitations and reserve,
It all feels so long back, doesn’t it honey, as we keep filling special pages to preserve.
We slowly made our own planet, planting blossoms more beautiful than any creation,
And soon our hearts were beating as one, tuning into our own romantic radio station.

With roses and wildflower pinned in my tresses, in the shade of the moon , I would draw in closer to you, ,,
Place my fingers over your poetic lips, as desire licked and grew. .
Be it my starry midnight dresses , or your eye rolling interpretations of symbols,
Nights and days started feeling complete only when, we could feel each other’s warm presence in our world.
You’ve been my safe haven many times, but one moment is very clear,
How you lovingly held my hand when I was panicking, patiently writing with me , gently easing my fear.
I’d newly become a professor and you made me smile so big, pretending to be my love struck student,
With your arm circling my waist, romantically cutting the cake , we started creating strawberry moments.
I know we have had our ups and downs, storms that rage and cry,
But we’ve reached out and never really let go, cause this bond we truly prize.
Relentlessly we tease each other, making it hard to sleep,
Slowly exploring intimacy and comfort, As in unison our hearts beat.
Though different celestial beauties stream through our windows, our love blossoms and thrives,
Alone we meet inside the hour glass, ignoring the hands of time.
Wrapped in each other’s arms beneath twinkling lights, we stir smouldering embers of desire,
Needing and yearning to be closer , we set our hearts on sensuous fire.
You’ve become the one, inside of you I’ve found my heart,
My safe haven to collapse, inside of you I fall apart.
My sweet mushy poet, my delicious dark chocolate, thank you for being all that you are,
You have soaked my life with utter joy, honey you are my rosiest romantic star.
Love you to the globe and back, love you to the stars and beyond,
Let’s keep flying across the universe, dancing to our own poetic song.
Three kisses on your heart, and a dash of velvet honey,
Oh come near, , let’s get lost in our own romantic poetry😘

©© SONA , December 10th 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Fragrant pearls of love- a compilation of your beautiful romantic notes ♥️

If it were up to me, I’d keep a photo of you like a sign,
Walk around with my eyes closed, to keep that image in my mind.
Keep a playlist of songs on repeat, and continuously listen to them too,
Just to insure that my brain, is only thinking about you.

I’ll write some refreshing verses, make them soothing and so cool,
Dress down to what you want to wear, and let my body be your pool.
I want to make you better, after you’ve had a really long day,
You can swim and bask in the poetic waters, or you can simply relax and lay.
Whatever you choose to do, I want you to do it without a care,
Free your body and ease your mind, and know that I’ll be there.

My whole life has changed, Every time I close my eyes,
Love me like you do, and Two Occasions are some of the songs I realized.
That means so much to me because our bond has become so strong,
The Feel Of First Love is amazing, ever since you’ve come along.
The love you write , your words just sets the pace,
Every time we are together, my smile can never be erased.
We created our own flower, we made our very own Planet,
So when I ask who each other’s heart belongs to, we can proudly say We Own It.

With every word that is whispered, with every syllable that is stewed.
All the verses poured on our bodies, they soon become tattooed.
The lines that are magically drawn, when the winds are enchantingly blown.
The poetry on the skin comes together, as if it was creatively being sewn.
They fall off the tip of our tongues, and cover us in such a circular motion.
That the romance can be read from our bodies like a book, after being covered in such poetic love potion.
My words may linger on your body, and trust me that’s just the start.
But your words do so much more, and linger in body and heart. ♥️♥️.

Drinking on the beach, quenching the thirst with something wet,
With you all over them, is enough to make anyone sweat.
Your exotic romantic poem, brought many images alive,
My imagination ran away with me, right before my very eyes.
Whatever drink you have, make sure you order two,
If you would like some company someday, I know a guy who’d love to join you.

©© ROY and SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Thank you sweetheart for writing these beautiful notes for me . You are awesome. XX
To visit ROY’s gorgeous romantic blog, follow the link below


♥️Some beautiful words written for me, which never fail to touch my heart. Sharing them because they are so special, so sweet and lovely. Thank you sweetheart♥️.

“If you know you’re not perfect, then I know more than you,
Because you’re absolutely perfect to me, and that Pretty Girl is true.
You say you can’t cook, some people can’t even spell it,
Besides I’d rather dine out with you, that’s simply much more romantic.
No one asks for darkness, but it occurs when we close our eyes,
But you and I have brought so much light, back into each other’s lives.
There is a Moon on our Planet, and there is also a Sun,
A bond that has become so strong, that our two hearts beat as one.
Beautiful is what you are, amazing is all you’ll ever be,
Words can’t simply describe, how much you mean to me.
If I am your Angel, then I can end my search,
Because that means I found in you, my Heaven on Earth♥️.
~You are perfectly amazing. Never let anyone tell you different~

©© ROY and Sona, 2018💐
All Rights Reserved.


A sturdy tulip, on a wildflower,
A bright full moon, on the passionate hour.
Honey dew dripping, when the petals spread,
The bee gets a taste, upon the flowers bed.
A gentle wind blows, and it’s a beautiful sight,
As both flowers stand tall, in the garden that night.

From the fields to the gardens, and from the gardens to paradise,
You picked a flower from each location, right before my eyes.
And then you get your poetry, from the Heavens up in the air,
And you sprinkle it upon the paper, with tender loving care.
You plant it in the Earth, for a special person to see,
And when that special poetic petal grows, it was meant to Pick Me.

I see you in my dreams, not a day goes by.
Where you are not in my thoughts, when I simply close my eyes.

There’s twenty four hours in a day, three hundred sixty five days in a year.
Sixty minutes in an hour, but time doesn’t matter when you’re here.
The words you conjure are enchanting, a magical journey that takes us through time.
Side by side and hand and hand, we perambulate in and out of beautiful rhymes.
A romantically Poetic Princess, your words touch me every time you write.
I’ll be your Prince Charming sidekick, that’ll stand with you throughout day and night.
You have my heart in your hands, you have me under your spell with your poetry.
You can have every piece of my love, and you can have all of me.♥️♥️
One dance is all it takes, we’ll move as smooth as the calmest ocean.
When our bodies become as one, it’ll be poetry in motion

When two hearts beat as one, and the love is not only heard but seen.
Then the question has been answered, there is no distance in between.♥️
©© ROY, and Sona 2018♥️
All Rights Reserved.

Your words my dearest ROY are some of the most beautiful blossoms here. So I just tried to pearl them together. Thank you sweetheart.


The faint touches of his fingers upon my skin,
Is like little love notes fluttering in a fragrant wind.
Seeping, soaking, stoking desire,
A ravishing blaze of iridescent fire.

His whispered caresses luxuriously linger,
Trailing tremors in mellifluous murmur.
Pouring harmonies understood only by my heart,
Spinning shy secrets on sensuous art.

The brush of his lips leaves a story untold,
Painting me in tides from blush to bold.
Like the sun dipping in the ocean to quench its fervid thirst,
Showing me star studded rainbows and colours in every burst.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


A beautiful poem by Kiranmag:
****** Enjoy****


You are an angel’s song that’s creeps inside me in my
The words that make silence alive
A melody that’ betrays never
ending loneliness
The voice that screams when
I’m inside a lusty maze at

Dreamy eyes you have, speak
with the eloquence of thousand
You hear lost voices of the
Your lips pout seductively as
you give me a kiss
A heavenly aura that blooms
in our midst

But your magical words that graced inside your pen
Awaken the passions that
dwell within
So fiery they move my soul in
certain heights
Emotions exploded as two lost
souls unite

I beg more than what your
words can give
I need love that controls my
A rainbow colored feeling
that lifts souls beyond time
A masterpiece that my poetry
can challenge powerful minds

I love your words but I need
more, yes
Your warmth that makes my soul
flutter in space
The passions that break loose
As I feel the hardness you’ve
When you bury your soul in my
paradise so wild, everything not
wasted but taken.

♥️♥️SEDUCED SENSES- Collaboration number 3♥️♥️

Here is presenting my third collaboration with the very wonderful and talented ROY . It has been over 2 months since we wrote something together, and I am so happy to have finally found a successful way to tempt him to write with me. Haha. For all those insane reasons, I thank you Mr. Romantic Poet, thank you from the bottom of my hopeless heart. (LOL).

Guys please let us know what you think about this collab in the comment section
Here we go…

When I see that special gleam in her eye, that sexy grin on her face,
It’s like going on an amorous rendezvous, she can blink and take me any place.
Where the stars are beneath my feet, and love will never leave my side.
A treasure box of romance ready to open, where dreams and reality collide.
as I unlock the doors to the garden of love, and see sweet magic sizzle and click.
I hear all the enchanting sounds, that her beautiful smile can fix.

And when he looks at me that way, as though seeing his universe in my eyes,
I feel my world tremble in anticipation, as our gazes catch, collide.
And oh the breathless spell of his slow smile, as he holds my hesitant gaze ,
Feels like the sweetest surge of current, madly shooting through space.
It brims with myriad alluring enigmas, and a thousand promises unspoken,
Weaving soft delicate lavender dreams, with fragrant memories tenderly woven.

The most glorious flower in the garden, when I touch her we become the perfect pair,
I stroke her roots, stems, and leaves, and slowly remove her silken layers.
She sparkles like the starry diamonds, and I am amazed by her lovely skin glow,
The musical beat of our uniting hearts, and the innocence of the honey flow.
She sings songs of beautiful tunes, as my tongue spreads over her petals tracing poetry.
She begins to pulse as we share the pleasure, and I taste her velvet verses of honey.

And when he caresses me in the moonlight, I am a blushing blossom budding to life,
His fingers trailing fire over my body, no longer making me want to hide.
He slowly unravels me layer by layer, oozing desire from every pore,
Making me want to hold him captive, on some secluded romantic shore.
He soaks me in his seductive verses, causing my leaves to quiver and thrive,
And I close my pearly petals around his lips, swallowing his sensuous sighs.

She moves smoothly with a fluent grace, with every pleasurable spot my breath finds,
Touching her petals with the potions from my tongue, being hypnotized from her peaceful whispering love chimes.
Her contact makes my whole body tingle, the delicate wildflower is pleasing to the eye,
Mouth watering and the scent of velvet honey, she sends my senses on a natural high.
Embracing her somehow feels important , even though with her I tend to lose control,
It connects us in a special way , not only by body but through soul.

And when he surrounds me in his magnum heat, his breath hot on my rosy constellations,
He makes me see a burst of stars, with his sinuous administrations.
He takes me places only a true Magician can, with his luxurious kisses and sips,
Causing this wildflower to blush dark red, right from roots to tips.
He softly wraps me in his loving arms, as our hearts beat fast, together,,
Making me want to preserve this moment in time, to cherish this beautiful bond forever.

Thank you for reading.
©© ROY AND SONA , 2018
All Rights Reserved.

To find a way to his gorgeous love blog, please visit :