Turbulent Calm

A delight for lovers of love

A Tangle of Weeds


Desire spreads itself out
a forest wildfire with no start, no definite end
Profanity gasps out of my prodigal mouth
splurging love bites on the stuttering terrain of your virgin neck
Coming back to sink your sinful pearls on the tropes of my cinnamon folds

My mind – a sheet drenched salacious
with lascivious honeydew suckle dripping off your piquant tongue
I drool even as I stagger on your wet tropical breath
akin to bizarre raindrops on a sunny day
Each shower a burst of such torque
we start peeling off each other’s rainforest skin

My sylphlike body floats on a delicate stupor you cast with your whispered roars
Sinking in oblivion like the horizon devouring the sun in the silence of the stars
Your speaking arms glide me across vagabond skies and vinegraitte waters
We crescendo and we taper like the amorous ocean pledging its tides to the moon

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