“If I Had a Single Flower for Every Time I Think of You, I Could Walk Forever in My Garden”. Claudia Adrienne Grandi

This beautiful love quote is so “pretty” that it always tugs my hopelessly romantic heart! I couldn’t resist from sharing it here on my blog 💝
Cheers to love and to everything good in our world. X.

For the tags of the day, I would like to mention the following bloggers:
* GEETANJALI, of May it be. Thanks honey for being my very first follower here. I am still waiting for that book you know. These chota chota posts of yours will no longer be the mint chocolate to distract me with!!! Oh by the way, forgot to mention , I can sort of make these cool confectioneries myself now! So, visit soon for a little bit of delicious magic from your di. Love.

* CHUCK, the reluctant poet , thank you for being so wonderful to me. I really value your friendship and enjoy reading both the posts which you find for your followers as well as the lovely poems you write. XOXO.

* YASMIN, of Alfaaz-O-Tasveer. This is a beautiful blog and I would urge you all to visit.

Again, if you haven’t already, do visit these amazing blogs. Happy reading. Happy blogging.


This post is in response to the 3 days, 3 quote challenge. To learn more about it, visit



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