I hope you know darling,
That I see stars around u.
You are the centre of my universe,
My light, my sun, my moon.

And when I hold you close to me,
It’s like touching the galaxy.
Infinite love, boundless in its beauty,
Loving me till eternity.

I feel my heart reach out to the stars,
In gratitude, for making you.
For answering the prayers, I made in the dark,
Of finding love so true.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “KNIGHT OF MY GALAXY.

  1. Even I do hope, & rather believe,
    that all my universe is you,
    For I am so small, a tiny little star,
    Tell me, where to find you..
    For I am lost, tragedy in despair,
    Going far away from you,
    Please, pull me close, hold me further,
    I can’t afford to lose you..
    I throw my heart, to reach out to stars,
    In expectations of finding you,
    Answer my prayers, help me out,
    In finding my love for you…

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    1. trying out a response to your previous lines,
      Cause am unable to weave my own today.
      Hope I will make sense, in this muddled mind,
      See if you can get the next verses I say.

      I am right there, in your universe,
      Not far away from you.
      You are hidden behind clouds of secrets,
      So my light can’t reach you.

      You may be tiny, but I am weak,
      Scared to reach out to you.
      Maybe I fear you won’t like my scars,
      when there are no light years between me and you.

      Oh don’t throw your heart to the stars just yet,
      Let not distant sparks blind you.
      There is so much more to us than sunny poesy,
      If only the clouds in life were few.

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      1. I get what you say, you are the sun,
        You are the light, & the girl with the gun.
        For I am so tiny, out of your sight,
        Its on you, to shed the clouds upright.

        Don’t be scared, for I am so small,
        It’s your court, and so is the ball.
        The object I am, is nothing before a star,
        No matter this star has how many scar.

        Here for you, my only light,
        Take me back, o my delight!

        For you don’t worry, am so mild,
        Even for my little mischiefs, you definitely have smiled 🙂

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