I couldn’t go looking for you,
So I chose to wait , for you to find me.
In my dreams, Faith whispered “Be yourself”, ,
Telling me how wonderful you would be.

I painted you in my heart,
In the vividest of hues.
Singing songs of love,
Poems of me and you

You became the sweetest thing in my life,
All joyous happy colours.
The star of my starless nights,
The prettiest fragrant flowers.

Though darkness tried to overwhelm me,
Your love in my heart was so strong.
It slashed and burned all doubts and fears,
Urging me to hold on.

And I wrote verses of our love divine,
Knowing every word was true.
And when you found me, singing poesy,
I knew you knew
How much I loved you.

together now we paint the smiling skies above,
Splashing scarlet strokes of thank you.
And I reach out to Faith, hold Her hand,
Ask Her to be with me
No matter how many clouds come through.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


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