Fingers poised on the key board,
Mind muddled with myriad thoughts.
Cant discern what to write,
And what not.
Don’t tell me this is what’s called
the writer’s block.

©© Sona, 2018

All Rights Reserved.


Though I was writing a love poem almost every day from the time I joined WordPress, past few days have been slightly different. I had been posting some of my previously penned works and not writing anything fresh.

Even though there are possible images/ stories in my mind, I can’t find the words or that desire to pen them . I know I need to feel good again, and somehow find that mood to write, get inspired and let the words flow.

Since I am primarily a song writer who loves her piano and guitar, I feel I am missing those rhythms, music, inflections and so on when I write poetry. Not sure what I will do next but for sure I want this terrible block to end.

In the mean time, I am planning to reblog some of the beautiful love poems I come across, share love quotes or even lyrics of the songs I absolutely love.

Thanks for reading.

Stay happy and stay in love.



16 thoughts on “BLOCK

  1. It’ll pass, dear. We all experience this kind of writer’s block. Hey, I would like you to be the next featured blogger, I have posted the first one earlier, so I want to feature you on my blog next week. 😊 Please contact me in any way you can. I’ll be waiting for your reply. 😊

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  2. Great post! Been there done that! For me, I find reading the works of others allows me to find seeds of inspiration in their writing that often gives me a spark that starts a new piece!

    A songwriter?? How cool. Lyrics no doubt but the music too?

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