The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Me- Your Sparkling Sona

Ragazza Triste

Hey, lovelies! Before I announce the next blogger to be featured, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to all of you. A few days ago, I posted a negative monologue, a prose full of hate and negativity. I was feeling morose and withdrawn, I needed to loosen up. I didn’t think a lot of you would care and show any concern, I was wrong, you guys are amazing; I felt the love and the genuine support. Thank you. My heart is bursting with pride because I found you guys. Thank you for the love!


NAME: Sona A

BLOG PAGE: Sparkling Sona


Sona is a very talented writer. Her poems are impressive, she’s genuine and sincere. I think it’s safe to say that she’s a romantic like me, that’s why I like reading her works. When…

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26 thoughts on “The Blogger Spotlight: Featuring Me- Your Sparkling Sona

  1. waooo(i know im late but) congrats dear😊😊..u deserve all the awards in writing field… beautiful answers an ha about first question im the bigesttt fan of your writings..
    an third question movie-jab we met on wp😁😁 😉😉

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    1. You know I love reading your comments. You are sweet Candy. Seriously. Thank you for loving my work and for being so good to me. And movie Jab We Met, hahaha I met him after this blogger spotlight actually thanks to this blogger spotlight and I know you know whom I am talking about😉😉♥️♥️♥️😘


      1. yes swthrt i have read that in ur comments 😉😉 yes i know about whom u are talking …this is ur life changing post na..all credit goes to the bloger who nominated u for this award😊😊

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