A STORY UNTOLD- The Flame And The Moth

I was the flame,
You the moth,
We were a story,
Were we not?

We knew we could not last,
And yet we drew nearer
In the secrets of hushed nights,
We drew up our own fire.

And When it became too much,
We slipped, collided.
You burned in me, I burnt in thee,
Our hearts never once chided

We were insane, were we not,
To unite, despite the odds.
It left us scarred, but oh how we burned,
We became a story, the world never learned.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


36 thoughts on “A STORY UNTOLD- The Flame And The Moth

  1. Sometimes we head a way though we know it will end in a disaster.But the journey itself is so beautiful that it’s worth destroying ourself than not walking at all on that path.

    Tera ishq ibtida thi meri tabahi ki
    Lekin woh dil hi kya jo mohabbat mein fanaa na ho💕

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  2. Two things that were not supposed to be but they decided to write their own story anyway. I always say people have their own pens in life, so they write their own happily ever after. “There hearts never chided” was a beautiful line because despite how hot things got, they didn’t let it bother them. Their own story, how it went from their point of view, this was lovely.🌹🌹


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