Those unspoken words,
Those unheard voices.
Those silent proposals,
And those forced choices

Still catch me unawares,
In my darkest of nights,
Flooding me with your memories,
Silently bridging time.

I breathe your name then ,
A quiet flutter in my heart.
I know I am that memory,
Which you will always treasure like art.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


54 thoughts on “SILENT MEMORY

  1. “I know I am that name you will treasure like art” that was a lovely crescendo and a perfect fit for this title. Every line flowed so beautifully to wrap up this memorable poem that makes it quite unforgettable.🌹

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      1. Poetry is like art, it’s viewed from many different aspects😉😂, crazy memories to silent reality……it all gets mixed up.❤️❤️❤️. You know how the heart works.😉

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      2. I have no idea how the heart works. I guess it’s a little too complicated for my understanding. Haha! Yes, poetry is an art which can be viewed from multiple perspectives. I will agree with you on that

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      3. I have an idea you know how the heart works, if one writes from it, they are subconsciously learning from it❤️. Haha
        And look at that, you agree with me on something else….cheers to twin magic!!!😂😂

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      4. Yes, we did and we have some of the most craziest cutest memories in our past but, but yes from Silent Memories we started Memories Silently in the Heart is what we’re doing now. That was a beautiful analogy. Your way with words.🌹❤️❤️

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