Far away, in distant land,
Quietly beats a heart.
It longs for me in lonely nights,
Yearning to be my part.

Oceans apart, beneath different skies,
My eyes flutter open to the sun,
Fresh morning dew reminds me of him,
And I crave to be with my special one.

As I look at the sun, shining gloriously,
A random thought comes to me.
Can I still touch him, when he is so far away,
Kiss him good night celestially.

I ask the sun to reach out to the moon ,
Shining above my lover’s sky.
And tell its friend to tip toe through his window,
Softly kiss his beautiful eyes.

Oh! Rain upon him the sweetest dreams,
Surround him in warm silver glow.
Fill his heart with peace and love,
Cause he is more precious to me than he will ever know.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.



  1. A magnificent manifestation of emotions and love that was splendidly decorated with a glorious consistent rhyme. Thank you for sharing such a delightful poem👏! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them ☺️

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  2. To like and to love, I believe theres a difference to hint. You pluck a flower you like, but if you love a flower you water it.❤️🌹. This poem was absolutely incredible, and definitely meant to be read slow. Romantic from the opening line of distant lovers, all the way to the crescendo. A Celestial Message of Love, is definitely what this brings. If the body was an instrument, you would have hit every heart string.❤️. “I ask the sun to reach out to the moon, shining above my lovers sky. And tell it’s friend to tiptoe through his window, softly kiss his beautiful eyes”. That was such an awesome contemplation of the sun and the moon working together to help two hearts reach out to each other. Each verse would be a crime to pick a favorite for me because they were equally amazingly romantic. I can’t say enough about this, I am enchanted by this song.🌹🌹

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    1. Wow! We pluck the flower we like and water, nurture and cherish the flower we love, this is perfect and truly highlights the difference between like and love. I presume that in the near future, you will be rightly crowned as Magician!!!
      And oooh just look at your rhyming comment. It is more musical and beautiful than most of the verses I wrote.
      “If the body were an instrument, you would have hit every heart string” this is amazing. Maybe in future, I should pick all your romantic lines from the comments you shower me with and weave them together. I know it wouldn’t rhyme but someone told me earlier that romantic doesn’t have to rhyme from finish to start, as long as the words come from the heart.
      The celestial way of reaching one’s lover was the idea which came to my mind while conversing with u!! When u said California, I thought of the moon because in India that time we had the sun, and well… the image just popped to mind. Yaa, I know am crazy. Lol!
      Thanks again Roy. You really are something else.

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      1. That’s one way I can distinguish differences between like and love😉. If I can be crowned magician in the future, you’ve already been crowned Enchantress!!!
        Your comment was just as amazing, maybe even more I may say and this poem was mesmerizing and amazing. This ode you wrote was romantically beautiful, I was floored when I read this. Each verse touched the heart string.
        Amazing how some things stick with people, my last post, I used some of your ideas so I must give you credit, and I actually did if you noticed. And yes, as long as things come from the heart, no need to rhyme from the start.🌹
        I loved that sun and moon and when I read that, that actually came to mind and that was such a romantic thing, you are so good.🌹❤️ lol, I thought wow, that’s awesome. You’re not crazy, very creative🌹🌹
        I’ll have to figure out a come back if you keep this up.😁. Wonderful work, you truly are phenomenal.🌹

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      2. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. You really do flatter me California boy.
        And your last post, well, I was so taken aback by my own comment placed right on top, that I thought I was still dreaming. You took me totally by surprise and I can’t thank you enough. It really touched me and I suppose I was smiling the whole day. Those sparkling edits were amazing and made me beam even more. Two hearts beating in unison, you even used this line. Incredible. I truly do mean it when I say I can’t pick a favourite line cause there are so many. Just a mere thought of someone making us smile, reality not feeling so hard anymore, holding the umbrella for the special someone, , it is all just so beautiful.
        And the starting “Somewhere over the rainbow, or right underneath our nose. Lies that special someone, that we’ll eventually meet and know” , I love this and I so believe in this. I can go on and on as I am so spell bound by the magic you created. The simple fact that am reading your poem over and over again makes me realise that you already are a Magician and have me completely enchanted.
        “I mentally knew I could count on you, you’re the one I started to adore”., Just perfect.

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      3. I should thank you for you do the same for me Enchanting Indian.
        My post was okay but compared to yours, I’m still trying to catch my breath, it’s touching, relatable and romantic on so many levels. I keep reading it and smile like it’s new to me. “Far away in a distant land, Quietly beats a heart. It longs for me in lonely nights, yearning to be my part”. That first verse was an amazing opening that rang on so many levels and made me smile, I thought it’s something I would think. And then you continued to impress as you played the perfect “heartstrings”
        “As I look at the sun, shining gloriously
        A random thought comes to me. Can I still touch him, when he is so far away
        Kiss him good night celestially”. That verse was so fitting with your title and spot on. And the last verse was just the kiss itself that ensured that the night would be a goodnight, that no rain water would touch the person because he was covered. That’s what made it beautiful. This Celestial Message was a magical message that wasn’t just perfect, it was absolutely perfect.🌹

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      4. Obligation is for people who feel they have to, I write to you because I want to in hopes of getting a response back😉. Maybe you’re the one who feels mirrored to respond❤️❤️. I’m always happy, happier at time.🃏🌹🌹

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      5. Oh! You will always get a response from me, and let me tell you, I love to get it from you as well. No obligations at all from my side. Wow, water reflection! And yes, stay happy, like always. Lots of love

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      6. And you will get them from me and trust me, like your post, I love your responses and I love giving responses to you, it’s actually a pleasure for me. Let’s both stay happy and yes, lots of love to give.🌹🌹. You have a wonderful heart!❤️

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  3. I ask the sun to reach out to the moon ,
    Shining above my lover’s sky.
    And tell its friend to tip toe through his window,
    Softly kiss his beautiful eyes.

    Incredibly beautiful 💕💕💕

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