Stages of Love


“When you write the world stops. It stops only to read, to think and to marvel at the way you portray, such profound thoughts in your simple heart touching way”❤️. ~S S~You’re up early in the morning for once, and you see the most amazing thing. The clouds are perfectly lined in silver, like something out of your wildest dreams. You look up and see a rainbow, those are good luck you’ve been told. Perhaps if I follow mines, I’ll find my Sparkling Gold.

Somewhere over the rainbow, or right underneath our nose. Lies that special someone, that we’ll eventually meet and know. They won’t be a magical genie, who will grant your wishes of three. But they’ll be able to make you smile, a great start to being happy.

They’ll be able to brighten your sky’s, and they will put a sparkle in your day. Be the…

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3 thoughts on “Stages of Love

  1. Posting my comment here as well. I feel it is fair to do so. So here goes-
    Woke up early this morning wishing to see the sunrise,
    But instead I see your words on my phone and can’t believe my eyes
    The very first line makes me want to check whether am still dreaming,
    I pinch myself, shake my head, now really can’t help beaming
    As I proceed through your verss, the imagery ruptures to life,
    Pretty rainbows spreading majestically in silver clouded skies.
    And then comes the rain, testing the strength of lovers light,
    But it can never touch their flame, they have a shield that sparkles bright.
    You paint a picture so beautiful, by not just using colours,
    Hope, faith so softly entwine like the true essence of any flower.
    I read your words over and over again, trying to decide my favourite line,
    But picking one and leaving another, would be an absolute crime.
    This morning couldn’t have been better, I saw my sunrise in your poetry,
    Oh How two hearts beat as one , will remain an unfathomable mystery.

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