This necklace of love which you have given me,
I will wear it till eternity,
Cause it’s the most precious thing I own,
More than any golden jewellery.

Its pearls are the passions of long nights,
Promises we made to each other,
Of holding on in tough times,
And loving each other forever.

Its emeralds are the endless enchantments,
Which your love has caste on me,
Enriching my soul with the lustre of your love,
Making me dance wild and free.

Its rubies are the roses blooming in our garden,
Gently perfuming the morning air.
They will be the symbol of our love forever,
Of trust, kindness and care.

Its sapphires are the songs you create on my skin,,
Each night as I fall asleep.
Slow and sensual , warm and tender,
As you lay the entire world on my feet!

Its diamonds are the shine that has filled my heart,
From the very moment you touched me.
When you said “all I want is you honey,
And there is nothing more that I need”.

This necklace of love which you have given me,
I will wear it till eternity.
Because it is handmade by you, my darling,
And made exclusively for me!

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


64 thoughts on “NECKLACE OF LOVE

      1. You make me smile. I really needed that today. Thanks. You are very kind. Nandita isn’t reading blogs anymore. She told me she is going to stop blogging. She is ending everything with me as well. I guess you are the first to know. Thanks for being sweet.

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  1. A necklace of love indeed and that is a necklace forever because each jewel is a symbol of forever and I love how you symbolized it. The pearl, how it’s preciously crafted from time out of fragile grains of sand and so worth the wait. The ruby, the second hardest gem in the world, the sapphire which is the third hardest mineral that last forever. Emeralds which are ever so precious and diamonds which are forever and can never lose their shine, a necklace fit for someone of love. Romantic and precious is what this poem was and it holds a lot a value in words alone. Wonderfully written.🌹🌹

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      1. It’s like I say, a person never waits for a treasure to thank them for being found, I’m thankful❤️❤️. And like I said, only time will tell for what😉. Haha, oh..your lovely poetry, support and what you do.🌹🌹

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      2. I know beautiful and I thought I’d keep reminding you how much I enjoy reading you and how wonderful you are.❤️😉.
        Kabhi nahin rok tum kya pyar❤️
        Tum hamesha mera samarthan hai🌹

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      3. your comment managed to bring the first smile on my face today in an otherwise crappy day. I feel I somehow missed your words yesterday, only to find them at a perfect time . Thanks a million Roy you are adorable. And that Hindi, it was so sweet.❤️❤️❤️

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      4. And a beautiful smile you have too. I hope your day gets better, think of something or someone that makes you happy, that’ll make your day better😉. I’m working on another post and I may have another quote penned in there somewhere.😉
        No need to thank me, you’re the adorable one lovely, glad I can make you smile.🌹❤️❤️❤️

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  2. the necklace you wear and walk ,
    glides on the chest to safeguard me,
    under the skin. inside the heart,
    to remind to walk slowly,
    as I might glide down earth….
    on made me crazy 🙂 haha

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