FAITH IN LIGHT – Words from heart.

Just a moment’s respite and the darkness creeps in,
Swirling hopelessness in my eyes.
It tries to claw its way in, get under my skin,
Making the nights colder than ice

It noiselessly creeps around my heart,
Desperately trying to squeeze the light away.
It makes me writhe and wrench in pain,
Flashing visceral nightmares

Unsatisfied, it moves in deeper still,
Threatening to reach my soul.
My bones are tired and weak with the fight,
And yet somehow I find the strength to hold

No longer am I sure what keeps me alive,
What truly is which propels me forward.
As those cold hands try to poison my soul,
Something in me always thwarts it

It will never defeat me, never blemish my spark,
Because it doesn’t know I am loved.
I am a child of the Light, of the Supreme Power,
Who aids my every step from above

The darkness out there you better hear me clear,
You may be strong, but I am stronger.
You may break me, scrape me, make me bleed,
But you will never possess me, no never

You can try as you might, but you will fail,
Not because I am sure of myself.
But because utterly I trust in my creator,
Who even in your hell, will reach me and help

The light is strong, so much more,
And in me it will always burn.
As long as I live, it will own my soul,
A spark, a promise unburned.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


19 thoughts on “FAITH IN LIGHT – Words from heart.

  1. As much as the darkness subsides and attempts to take you down, your faith is to strong. A symbolism that your dedication and devotion is strong and won’t fade to pressure. When it seemed you were gonna break, something inside of you said no and shined bright. So beautiful that the faith was able to defeat the fate of the darkness. A worthy ally to fight with side by side with, anyone with Sparkling persona would never fall to darkness. Lovely🌹🌹💫

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Those who hold on are those who keep, I’m sure your ally will remain by your side time and time again. With your heart and soul, you wouldn’t let the darkness win.🌹🌹❤️.

        Liked by 1 person

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