May It Be

It is the jewel encrusted sea, laughing at you. Beckoning. It is a phosphoric song, dancing with you, every step of the way.

If you look closely, you’ll see it in his eyes when he opens that book. It leaps out at you as he falls, head first, down the rabbit hole.

You can feel it staring at you in that moment of clarity when you realise that it is impossible to really know people. When you finally understand that the shadows hide a million secrets. Secrets you’ll never know.

In the precious few seconds, when you’re enveloped in silence, with just you and the rips in the canvas above, it brushes your shoulder. As you stand in the wind, content, it holds your hand.

It frowns in the wake of his smile – polite, conventional. Aloof. And you know it’s gone. Whatever you had, is long dead. You see…

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