An ocean regal blue,
My waves dance and fly.
A scarlet fire ball,
you rise Majestically in the sky.

Splashing the world with Iridescent light,
You paint Golden red hues.
We dazzle, delight, every heart,
As your gold reflects in my blues.

Though wide spaces lie between us this hour,
You caress me with your rays.
Glittering, shimmering, my tides flounce,
And my heart swells in your praise.

Higher and higher I rise and fall,
Wishing to touch, to kiss you.
I dance and swirl, prance and whirl,
Joyously basking in my love for you.

The day breezes past in our rainbow romance,
Bringing forth the moment to merge.
Breathless I wait as you draw nearer,
In my depth, oh love, submerge.

Stars shimmer, canopying the moonlit sky,
They twinkle, as we become one.
Tomorrow, majestically, you will sail the skies again,
Our hearts closing the distance between, the ocean and the sun.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.



  1. I get a feeling of placidity, every time I read something you write. It’s like you telling me a beautiful lullaby, your words would be amazing at night. So many verses reach the soul, and touch the heart in so many ways. It’s no wonder I read them over and over, to keep me smiling throughout my days. Very touching poem indeed, you keep your readers emotions on another level with your writing. Whoever is your inspiration is very lucky😊🌹.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your comments are poetic as always Roy. I cannot thank you enough. And my inspiration, haha, I still don’t know his name. Maybe one day he will read all my poems and realise what he has meant to me all these years. Thank you once again for reading. truly appreciate your thoughts♥️

      Liked by 1 person

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