Sometimes , do you know darling,
When we are on the phone, I just love to hear you talk.
I am not listening, not really anyway,
Because in your voice I am so lost.

It floats on me like molten chocolate,
Exotic and deliciously delectable.
And I melt in its warmth, its tender touch,
Let it caress my soul, my will.

There is a gentleness in your voice, I can never deny,
It shows me how much you care.
And in those quiet hours, when the world sleeps,
It coaxes desire to flare.

It’s strange how every emotion you feel,
I can read so easily through your voice.
It’s the window of your heart to me, so much more,
When I can’t see your face, your eyes.

Do you remember the night when I first asked you to sing ?
It was a star studded sky, an enchanting hour.
Oh how shy you were, but you still sang to me,
My heart had skipped honey, you had become my star.

You are my hero, my smile, my biggest strength,
And I love you much more than I can ever say.
You were the dream of my life, now you are the life of my dreams,
And I will be by your side all the way.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


15 thoughts on “YOUR CHOCOLATE VOICE

  1. Lovely poem, just like the eyes are the doorway to the soul, the voice is the entry to the heart at times and words turn the knob just like yours do. A lovely post indeed and the title symbolizes how sweet a voice can be, a true romantic heart you are❤️. Great job and the ending…that was something else.🌹🌹. Perfect.


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