THIS IS JUST FOR YOU. No verification needed!!!A story pearled from your own beautiful lines. Hope your poetry in my poetry makes you smile.♥️

Somewhere over the rainbow, or right underneath our nose.
Lies that special someone, that we’ll eventually meet and know.
Can you be that one, inside of you I found my heart.
My safe haven to collapse, inside of you I fall apart.
Diamonds may be forever, and gold may be priceless too.
Pearls are precious as the time they were made, but none of these compares to the treasure in you
I want to look into your eyes, as I quote back your poetic lines.
Meet me inside the hourglass, so we can ignore the hands of time.
Let’s Forget the umbrella, and chose to be insane,
Because lovers like us, make magic dancing in the rain
How did you manage to hypnotise me, you’re the one I’ve started to adore.
And if I’m dancing in the rain with you, I know I’ll see a rainbow for sure.
So take my hands and meet me in your dreams, let me kiss you soft on your cheeks,
You are a gift, an inspiration, so much more, , a FORTUNE I am blessed to meet. ♥️

Far away, oceans apart,
You are still close to my heart.
Don’t know, where we will go,
But I hope you stay my life’s part.
Knowing you is awesome, you are the magic that lights up a day,
Along with waves of the ocean, the stars sing for you today
Happy Birthday to you , Happy Birth day darling,
May all your dreams come true, may you always keep smiling.
Happy birthday to you, happy birth day my friend,
May joy explode in your life, and laughter never end. ♥️💐💐🎂😘

Lots of love.😊
©© Sona and Roy, 2018
All Rights Reserved.



  1. This is absolutely amazing gorgeous, I am blown away by this. You are amazing and to do this for me is unbelievable and is the most beautifulest gift I can get. To combine our words together and create such a gorgeous birthday wish for me just warms my heart❤️❤️. I can’t thank you enough.😘😘❤️🌹🌹

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