♥️I want to write a dream with you, will you chose a location please,
You want gardens, mountains, snow or fountains, or something more heavenly?

How about the infinite stars, we can be magical King and Queen,
Or the romantic ocean wide, where we can be “mushy mushy” on the beach?

How about those furry clouds, where we can float in our own haze,
Or a destination close to your heart, where a thousand rainbows sparkle gold in enchanting ways.

You can chose whatever you like, because I clearly don’t mind,
As long as it’s ”our dream”, there is no reason to fight.

Now pick a location fast and let’s move on, shall we?
Let me think of what happens next, as we move ahead in this story.

You can write the later verses, yes baby you gotta do at least something😉,
But as of now close your eyes, dream on, no more thinking.

Here we go.
Dream ♥️

We are standing there gazing into each other’s eyes, a soft smile playing upon your face,
I look at your hands, your mind and heart, the three Aces which entranced me night and day.

Stretching your arms wide, you call me, calling me in for a hug,
So nervous am I, I can barely move, my head buzzing with this heady rush.

I know you would stand there patiently, waiting for me to be at ease,
And as soon as this thought crosses my mind, I am flying to you like a breeze.

I run to you, into your warmth, your arms wrapping around my waist,
Closing my eyes, I breathe you in, Mmm this is my favourite place.

We stand there loving, lovers in love, quietly holding each other’s hands,
And when the rain falls upon us, we smile at our umbrella, as you spin me round again in a breathless dance😵♥️.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


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