“I’d skip a season to spend with you♥️”. ~R~

My land lies drenched in summer heat,
It feels the chills in winter meet.

Its flowers bloom, wither and die,
But it longs for spring in lonely nights.

Will you be that season it always wanted to explore,
A fragrance so potent it would have me gasping for more.

I can be the autumn you can colour to life,
Oh Honey will you be my spring tonight?

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.



  1. It’s amazing how you can take an average quote and make an amazingly magically beautiful poem off of it. Winter brings snow, while the summer brings heat. Whoever your inspiration is, I would surely like to meet. On top of the beauty of your heart and soul, and your way with words too. There’s actually another being, who can bring additional magic out of you. You put the R in romance, as if you needed a reason. I’d be your Spring, and any other season.
    “Will you be that season it wanted to explore? A fragrance so potent it would have me gasping for more”. That line is the invitation to a wonderful year, nothing else matters, that is “His Gift” and the way you closed the poem was over the top. So much emotion in that one line even though it was the title, it was the most romantic way to end it. Seasons greetings🌹🌹. This was amazing.❤️❤️


    1. No quote is average when it is said from the heart and is felt by another heart. My inspiration, well I suppose he is really poetic and you wouldn’t have to look hard enough to find him. Your response is a beauty in itself and I am reading it again and again. I am honoured if this is regarded as a gift.♥️♥️ much love♥️

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