They flow one by one ,
Untouched, unwiped,
Leaving a trail down my cheeks,
Unable to stop or hide.

My heart breaks, bleeding,
Thinking of our time,
Grieving at the unmade memories,
When things felt right

the night is no longer bright,
this moon haunts me tonight,
shards of suspicions,
makes me want to grab my pillow tight.

we were lost in poetries,
unable to really see,
the person who pens the words,
just busy writing dreams

not missing you is not possible,
I’m not sure if we even have a chance,
but if you learned to give up those shards forever ,
then maybe you could still have that dance

Maybe this time it would be different,
Or maybe this different time would never come,
i got bruised despite my shields,
heart lamenting a song, unsung.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


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