Your Chocolate Poetry 💐

A delicious decadent delight,
Your verses are my chocolate wrapped in gold.
Slowly I unwrap it from its cover,
Lips caressing the sugary roll.

I lick its layers one by one,
Drunk in its heady aroma.
Savouring every flavour upon my tongue,
Memorising the verses forever

Layers and layers I taste on my way,
Some meltingly familiar, some exotically unique,
Until I reach the very prized core,
Where in recognition we meet

The world may see it as a gourmet chocolate,
Poetry which to their heart appeals,
But they have no idea do they,
Of the flavours just meant for me.

Unwrapping and delving is what I love,
Because it’s the exploration which counts.
But being tugged in its core like a secret mystery,
Has its unique spin no doubt.

Of the million chocolates out there,
This is the one I truly adore.
It intoxicates my heart with pure gold,
Keeping me craving for more.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


16 thoughts on “Your Chocolate Poetry 💐

  1. You took your poetic lines, that can not be beat. Added your enchanting sugar, and made them extra sweet. You packaged up some passion, a few quotes that didn’t miss. Wrapped up some romance and made it sweeter than a Hershey kiss! You threw in the perfect vocabulary, using nouns and verbs. Your Chocolate Poetry gorgeous, gives a new meaning to the phrase eating your words!❤️❤️
    This was amazing, wow is the only word I have. This is a creative cavity in the making with how sweet this is, romantic and sensuous all in one. Just shows how pleasing words can be to and from someone.😘❤️❤️. Thank you for a lovely written piece. Someone is lucky to get such appreciation from you.🌹🌹

    Liked by 1 person

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