Don’t sit so close baby.
My heart beats wild when you are right there.
I don’t think you know what you do to me,
I want to kiss you wild, wild without a care.

I am not sure whether I should reach out ,
Or wait for you to do something.
You ask me questions about how my day went,
But don’t you see baby I can’t think!

My mind no longer wants to do its job,
Its showing me things which could be.
Blood gushing in my veins, urging me to make,
Love to the man who loves me.

I wish we were alone, somewhere more private,
And not in this fancy restaurant.
this place is a little too classy and refined,
For the wildness which I want.

Hands held back, I watch you,
Mind floating in my mushy land.
Blushing, I realise you are looking at me,
Mischief dancing in your eyes, you grab my hand.

I can feel small circles being traced on my skin,
You are closer than you were before.
I don’t want to stay longer, in this damn place,
Cause I want you so much more.

“Since when did they start serving chocolate so hot”?
I ask as I gingerly touch its crust.
“What’s the rush darling ?” you tease. And I think,
Oh Honey! Just wait. Soon you will be swooning with lust.

Diving in deep, , I let the desert flood,
Lose myself in its seductive delight.
Slowly, sensually , I devour every Crum,
Letting passion burn, alight.

“What’s the rush darling?” now I innocently ask,
As I let you lead me into the sunset.
The wind is picking up, it smells of promises,
As two birds return to their nest.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.



    1. Thank you Andrew. But I think i might just have got that inspiration from either any of your beautiful poems or those of Nandita. I can’t remember the exact one. I hope u don’t mind. Also, I want to thank u for stopping by and reading my poems. It means a lot to me when such amazing writers like you and Nandita read my work and like it. I am new to the world of poetry though have been writing songs for few years. It’s a little different from this but not very. Again thanx a lot for your encouragement.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh its totally my pleasure. I feel I am the luckiest person to have found both of you in this huge blogging world within ten days of joining wordpress. I absolutely adore both your’s and your lady’s writings. Wish u both lots and lots of happiness together.

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha! SEQUEL? That would be a little too steamy and I doubt I can pull it off. Its reminding me of your poem turbulent calm. Thanks for reading this one Nandita. Also, if you can then do check my poem titled DO YOU, MY LOVE. I would like to hear your views there. Lots of love.
        P.S.- I just remembered it was your poem named The grand adventure which gave me the inspiration to end this poem with a promise.


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