Last night in my dreams, i dreamed of loving you.💐

Last night in my dreams,
I saw you,
I saw us,
In my college,
Sitting beside each other in class,
Holding hands and walking in campus,
Having tea in the canteen,
Sitting beneath that ancient tree,
As lovers,
As the best of friends.

You were a bird,
Of my same sky and land,
I shaped you into the mould which was acceptable in my world.
And we were so in love,
So so in love.

Eyes only for each other,
Time only for each other.

And you laid your head on my lap,
As we sat in the college garden.
Birds singing all around us.
Your tongue coating me with poetry,
With your romantic, sexy lines,
Lines meant just for me,
For your honey.

And we were so in love,
So so in love.
The best of friends
And lovers.

I dreamed of love last night,
Of loving you with stars in my eyes,
And it felt so true,
That it took me so so long
To realise
That it was all a dream,
A beautiful beautiful dream,
That you are a dream.

And it took me so so long
To come back to reality,
Because it felt so true.
I dreamed of loving you last night,
Not of lust.
I dreamed of being that couple,
Which everyone loves.

And it took me so long,
So long,
To grasp reality.
Maybe because I am thinking of you so much,
Before sleeping,
Just after waking,
The whole day,
You are somewhere in my mind,
Your words
A flavour on my tongue,
Waiting to grow stronger,
With our every tangle.

They say dreams are precious,
So I will agree,
Because what we have is precious to me.
Its fun, it’s easy,
Its poetic , its romantic.
It is that shade of red,
Which grows redder with our every stroke,
A permanent colour ,
In the mind,
To last forever,
A special bond,
Like a beautiful magical rhyme.

©©Sona, 2018

all rights reserved


23 thoughts on “Last night in my dreams, i dreamed of loving you.💐

      1. Oh wow! Have a Gala time in your vacations. And let me tell you a little secret, wordpress surely misses you. Looking forward to your new posts soon. Have lots of fun


    1. Sometimes we dream with open eyes, and sometimes we dream at night. This was the latter one. Thank you much for your support and lovely lovely comment. Stay awesome and stay in love😘😘♥️


  1. With these beautiful words, images, and descriptions, you brought your dream and made your readers feel it making it almost a reality. Amazing you are pretty girl at how you took your dream and merged it into the real world, I love how you said dreams are precious to us. That statement is so true and they say the minute you open your eyes is the minute your dreams start coming true. I’m sure whoever you’re dreaming about is dreaming about you twice as much because you are a dream come true. For a dream to dream about someone makes them very lucky. Your words are amazing and your description is dreamy. Thank you so much, you are an amazing person, a gift.❤️❤️😘❤️. Thank you for an awesome write.🌹🌹

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow! This was truly a dreamy comment. Thank you so so much. I am glad you could feel what I intended to write.♥️♥️
      It seems like my words from heart are reaching my readers hearts. Lots of love♥️😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your words reach the heart and they also build images for the mind creating the real ness of it. Like I said, your words are magical Pretty Girl❤️❤️🌹.
        Tons of love😘❤️

        Liked by 2 people

  2. What can I say that Jokerswild hasn’t already said?? This touched my heart and the memories stored away for so long. Wonderful remembering those long ago days!!! Thanks so much for taking me down Memory Lane!!!


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