Write A Dream With Me Too💫



The ability to have conflicting ideas in ones head takes effort.C.P.R couldn’t help catch our breath, although trying would have been romantically fun. Our dance had us spinning each other, like the Earth rotates around the Sun.

I pulled you closer into me, to where nothing could pry us apart. You listened carefully and said “I only hear one beat”, I said “No pretty girl, that’s both of our hearts.” You put your feet on the tip of my toes, and opened the umbrella to the end. You put your forehead on my chest, and whispered this is where the fun begins.

We were surrounded by different colored rose petals, the Earth was no longer our home. We must have passed through nine clouds on our way, the wind served as our chaperone. We landed on beautiful dew covered grass, as we laced our fingers to one another. It…

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