Roses and lilies drape over her luscious lands,
Perfuming her valleys, her mountains and silvery sands.

He knows he is lost as his eyes rest on her,
His wanderings come to a halt as her gardens allure him closer

She gazes into his midnight eyes, feeling her oceans undulate,
His look send tremors down her mines , and she knows it’s too late

He feathers her flowers with silk, desiring her so much more,
Trailing her land with honey, reaching her golden core.

She rains on him her tender love , soaking his mind and soul,
Smiling with the knowledge that her land has found the king which the skies told.

He lies on the ground , matching his heart beat with hers,
Tracing her stars and constellations , bonding in their skies as lovers.

So The heavens sparkle to life, and her land shines with more radiant hues,
Her winds bloom not just with the sweet fragrance of flowers, but with the heady love of her King too.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.



  1. ROMANTIC!!!!! I had to use all capital letters, this was also SENSUOUS and and some other words I can think of❤️❤️🌹. The way you write and bring your words to life is amazing, I close my eyes and imagine this and every line grabs me, I’m there experiencing the feelings, as I’m taken away by your mind. This would be a DreamCation for me. Your imagery gets your readers soaked into the story like a sponge. Amazing writing Pretty Girl.🌹🌹❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My very own gorgeous DREAMCATION and some lovely conversation were the inspiration behind this and I thank you much for it. Your comments are AMAZING and I love to read them soo much. It makes me happy to know that you could fly with my love struck mind and enjoy the ride. Many Sparkling sparkling thanks for being so good to me. Much love.😘♥️♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s my absolute pleasure to read you and take rides with your mind anytime, you’re an amazing writer with the ability to pull readers into the world you’re writing of. You are to good with your words and comments as well and thank you for all you do for me.😘❤️❤️🌹

        Liked by 1 person

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