In a moonlit sky, one mystic night, the forest hums to life,
Its lush greens form a dark canopy, shadows cradling mysterious lights.

I am drawn to the core, as though pulled by a string, blood singing in my veins,
And there he lies , in the shade of an oak , my vampire who makes me insane.

His eyes are closed, his liquid grace, could make you think he was asleep,
But I know he is pretending, smiling within, , waiting just for me.

Though I saw him last night, in this very same place, I cannot help but admire the view,
Long lashes fall so gracefully on his face , skin shimmering in silver moon.

I tip toe to him, as if he could not hear, knowing tonight is my time to play,
My sexy vampire will pretend innocence, and let me have my wicked way.

My hesitant fingers, trace his beautiful face, excitement potent and heady ,
Feathering his skin, his hair, his lips, unable to even properly breathe.

He wraps his arms, around my waist, and pulls me closer to him,
I fall in his chest, grateful for the nudge, dizzily breathing him in.

With velvet touch, I warm his neck, his skin smooth as silk,
And with courage and lust gushing in my head , I slowly nibble, seducing him.

He lies there still, muscles taut, as leisurely his body I explore,
I don’t think I can get enough of him, cause I want him so much more.

The moon slides, stars alight, as time hurriedly slithers by,
And I make sweet love to him, as he willingly surrenders, knowing he is all mine.

He strokes my hair, as I lie on him, content in his magical haze,
And as the night dips, he lazily kisses my lips, promising tomorrow to have his delicious way.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


24 thoughts on “MY VERY SEXY VAMPIRE- A TALE.♥️♥️💐

  1. Usually Vampires lie in wait, and when the victim comes they pounce. But this vampire was put under a spell so strong, that he couldn’t even pronounce. She was sensuous from the beginning, and immediately stole his heart. Hypnotized him with her eyes and romantic aroma, and seduced him from the the start. She had her way with him, he didn’t even get into a stance. He was on the ground from the start, he didn’t wanna stand a chance.❤️😘.
    That’s a smart vampire and the fact that he gets to have his way next time was probably more enticing. An erotic edgy tale of romance without all the bloodsucking and bat turning tales you would expect. Just sensuous love making that drew the reader in to the romantic side of the story, the lighter shade of red shall I say. A poem worth sinking my teeth into, at least the seductress.😏😘❤️. Wonderful, imaginative, and amazing as you always are.💖💖


    1. Wow! You understood the psychology of the Vampire and his girl so well. May I ask how?😏😏♥️ .And yes, this was a lighter shade of red the dark ones are not my cup of tea. Thank you for enjoying the tale and one line specially got me in your comment. Maybe I will answer it elsewhere or I think you know the answer already ♥️😂! Thank you for being a part of this story♥️😘♥️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You can ask how but they’ll probably be a topic change request😘❤️😂.
        Yes, a lighter shade but a very amazing one at that. I really enjoyed it and I’ll answer any questions but you should know I understand almost everything already so I probably know the answer.😉. Thank you for an amazing poetic tale.😘❤️❤️😘

        Liked by 1 person

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