Beauty on Two Occasions♥️



I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I already have you!

I’ve been on camping trips, and watched the fire with my own eyes. As the yellow and orange embers, rose up in the night skies.

Up in the high top mountains, where the elk and deer peacefully lie. The grass and the trees are a scene from a painting, where I sit and watch the sunrise.

On the sandy beaches at the bay, you can relax and get your feet wet. Feel the breeze and witness the beautiful waves, and lay your eyes on the most gorgeous sunset.

Seeing a rainbow after a rainy day, or a full moon on a clear blue night. Making a wish upon witnessing a falling star, now that’s a beautiful sight.💫

The downpour of rain in the forrest, nature getting as wet as can be. The magically…

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