A simple heart touching note from my most beautiful friend😘♥️♥️♥️

Because I know you don’t write, but still you did it for me. Your every word needs to be preserved. It is special. You are special. Forever♥️♥️


What should I call you
A friend, my confider, soulmate or my sister?
You have played all roles in my life so far!
When I look down the memory lane you have been such an important part!
Someone on who I can count on
Someone who is ready to listen
Someone to motivate me when I feel low and
Someone with whom even silence matters a lot!
The bond between us is just timeless
There have been beautiful memories and fights too but what kept us going was the trust that we would not let each other go..
I am always amazed by the talents you possess and you inspire me in a lot many ways.
I have played the role of caring friend to a lot many people around but when I felt low you were always there to check and keep me mentally sound!
Its been 11 years now and we have a long way to go,
More memories to cherish and crazy moments to follow!
With lots of love in my heart I wish success and happiness to always stay as your life’s integral part!




23 thoughts on “A simple heart touching note from my most beautiful friend😘♥️♥️♥️

  1. This letter was definitely sent, from indeed a true friend. Written straight from the heart, from beginning to the end. The thing about friendship, is that as time goes longer. Through trials, fights and tribulations, the best ones just get stronger.🌹
    When a friendship reaches sisterhood or soulmate status, you’ve been through a lot and that tells the beauty of friendship. A beautiful letter Pretty Girl, something to hold onto.

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    1. Wow! I love that poetry you wrote on top. I am going to steal it ok. Yes, she is the most most most special person in my life and her friendship has meant the world to me. And now she wants me to write her a thank you note for her thank you note. Just imagine. It’s a demand😵😵
      Friends are crazy and yet they are the best best things ever in life. Thank you for reading and for being so wonderful♥️♥️


  2. awwwww… that’s so swtt…sisters,solumate,confinder..you both are very lucky to have each other..every relation in a single person..lots of love to your frndship, your bond.💖💖😘

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    1. Thank you dear for your wishes. Yes, she is the most special person in my life and she means the world to me. More than a decade of solid friendship and I am truly blessed to have her. I wish the same for you. Lots of love.♥️♥️♥️😘

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