🏺 My Dream Genie 💫


If you have someone who dreams are made of, you already have your wish.I was walking in an ancient ruin area, when my eyes would suddenly behold. An amazing sight that I hadn’t seen in a while, a bottle made of Sparkling Gold.

This bottle was almost majestic, and it definitely stood out. Someone of royalty must have lost it, and that was beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I retrieved it and wiped the dust off, and I must have hit a trigger. Because beyond a cloud of blue smoke, appeared a gorgeous majestic figure.

I couldn’t believe my own eyes, this had to be my lucky day. I laughed and said “you must be a genie”, she smiled and replied “what gave me away?”

“Are you going to grant me three wishes, like all the stories are said?” She got a somber look on her face, and…

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9 thoughts on “🏺 My Dream Genie 💫

      1. Always always my pleasure. And in fact, I think I’ll be sharing his work even more because writing would be so difficult, since I joined yesterday in my first job. Maybe I should persuade Roy to write more often so that I can keep my blog running! Haha.😘♥️♥️


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