If it were up to me I would talk to you 24 hours a day,
Forget about the sun and moon and just be with you all the way.

Ask you to hug me in the morning, as my eyes would flutter open to the sun,
And punch you playfully when you try to kiss me, just because it is so much fun.

I would describe midnights dressed in starlight’s, every time you ask me that question,
And laugh and smile, hold you like a pillow tight, through all the four seasons.

I would deliberately place my fingers over your lips, knowing very well what it would lead to,
And then write your beautiful words in my ink, because that’s what lovers do.

I would want to tell you everything about my life, all those silly details,
And pester you to tell me more about yourself, because that’s what relationship entails.

I would wake up and sleep in your thoughts, hear the songs you dedicate to me all the time,
Because that’s the way I feel close to you, morning noon and night.

Sometimes life introduces us to a beautiful bird, who sings poetries just for our heart,
And every single time we hear its song, we feel one with it no matter the distance apart.

You are that bird to me, your poems that song, which always brings a smile to my face,
And I hope somewhere in this crazy time space reality, I could touch your heart with my own romantic rays.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

22 thoughts on “HONEY, IF IT WERE UP TO ME 💐

  1. lovely…beauty of your poems is love…if anything contains love that thing automatically became precious so your poems.. pleasure to read your poems❤️

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  2. If it were up to me, I’d keep a photo of you like a sign. Walk around with my eyes closed, to keep that image in my mind. Keep a playlist of songs on repeat, and continuously listen to them too. Just to insure that my brain, is only thinking about you. I’d keep wishes in a bottle, spare wants but never needs. The person you write your poetry for, is a lucky person indeed.💫
    This write up was so moving, so heart touching and sooo amazing that I was lost for words Pretty Girl, the feelings you write with just reaches out and grabs readers. This took my breath away, so many touching and memorable lines that one could just cry because of how beautiful this is. If it was up to me, it’d be on my page but you’re an amazing writer♥️❤️😘😘. I couldn’t think of this😏. This was amazing, you’re wonderful!

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    1. Your comment just took My Breath Away! Seriously, how do you do it? I don’t want to thank you but still I cannot help but say thank you so much. You are so so good to me. Truly amazing you are. Much much love♥️♥️♥️😘😘♥️

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      1. Same can be said about your post and comments Pretty Girl, both are equally amazing. Yes, no thanking me😉, you are to good to me. Much appreciation for the amazing post you produce, you are something else!😘😘😘♥️♥️


  3. Oh my, Sona!!! I am in love with this poem!! I love everything about this! It is such a beautiful masterpiece of being in love and it is so romantic! You have a magical way with words, My Dear!!! Bellissimo, Sona, Bellissimo!!!

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