DO You? my love

Every silent night,
As you lie in bed,
Alone, by yourself,
Do you think of me?

Do you wish I were there,
Like I wish you were here,
Tangled together,
Do you crave me?

Every silvery sky,
When you touch the moon,
Do you ask it to shine,
Your love on me?

And every time there comes,
Those first showers of rain,
Do you look at it and smile?,
Wish to dance with me?

Every Valentines,
When you see love birds,
Do you wish we were together?,
Do you miss me?

And every single time,
When you hold a little child,
Do you secretly long,
For your own family?

I bet you do,
And yes I do too.
Just waiting for the moment,
When we will finally meet.

I think the sun will smile,
And stars align,
That very first time,
When you will look at me.

I am telling you from now,
I am very romantic.
You might as well start practicing,
Writing love poetry.

Oh! Don’t worry honey,
You can steal some of my lines,
and until we meet,
Keep loving me.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


61 thoughts on “DO You? my love

  1. What I love about this is that it at once seems to be written to one person in particular, and on a second read to on undefined person who you hope reads your poems and falls in love. Perhaps it is a specific person, or more, perhaps you long to find the right person through the magic of your words. Certainly… you must surely deserve to be the muse as well as know your own muse! – Stephen

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      1. share me the best ever poem in the blog that you feel most liked and commented… I am interested to read it..and be conected with my FB page for latest updates and share me your page if I can connect w/

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      2. I am not sure which poem To Share because I started on wordpress around 3 months back. I think Flames of passion was the most liked poem. And with regards to Facebook, I am not on social media.

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  2. love❤️❤️..haha all these feelings are meeting ur loved one for the first time that’s really lovely feeling..sun moon stars all smile 😊😊❤️.. missing someone 😔😑

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