as the storm rages outside in the night,
And lightning breaks apart the sky,
My heart craves to be with my lover,
So I spread my wings and fly.

A lone spec in a wide expanse,
I Sail the sky without fear.
Trailing the earth with a moonlit shadow,
Following the melody which I hear.

In blink of an eye, or was it in lifetimes,
I reach a forest of evergreen trees.
And there he stands, my gorgeous man,
Arms spread out, waiting for me.

His skin shines silver in the moonlight,
Eyes ablaze with wonder and fire.
I run to him, cause I can wait no more,
My heart thumps wild with desire.

He holds me close, against his chest,
And runs his hands over my hair.
I put my arms around his neck,
And kiss him, like a prayer.

Lightness seems to fill my heart,
As years of yearning dribbles away.
Like coming home after a long journey,
Into the arms of my hero, wherein my happiness lays.

© Sona, 2018


50 thoughts on “FLYING TO MY HERO.

  1. Apparently, it look like, the below is a premise to your poem. Hope that doesn’t offend you in any way!
    (And once again, few lines/words stolen inadvertently from your poem)

    Thunder strikes, storms rage,
    My soul awaited, in a dreadful cage.
    For love was all, I craved for thee,
    My hands were tied, or else I could be,

    I could be, the one to try,
    Break my chains, and fly the sky,
    Reach you there, with all my might,
    And show the Gods, in the stormy night.

    Show them all, my heart’s desire,
    The Gods would know, my burning fire,
    Burnt in ashes, and carbon black,
    How could I let, my confidence crack,

    The confidence it was, the love for you,
    Was put to flame, it burnt so blue.
    I always knew, I would be tested,
    With punishments galore, heavily chested,

    Heavily chested, distant and separate,
    Once this austerity, swells your hate,
    For all they wanted, to test us in throes,
    If either broke, in worst of our lows,

    The lows were to test, the endurance of love,
    Against all odds, and the ends above,
    We both had to stay, until the end,
    Our love it was, we had to defend.

    You hated, and waited, and let your patience fry,
    Very soon, we both were to die.
    The Gods could see, impressed at this might,
    They finally lost, intense efforts, despite.

    They said,
    “Its too much now, they will die,
    Lets give the girl, some wings to fly”

    So as the lightning broke apart the sky,
    Storms raged outside, amidst the darkest night,
    She got the thump and craved for me,
    Ready to take her final flight…

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