❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️

this is the second part of the umbrella series


From the magicians point of view!


The rain continues to fall in the streets, and we’re standing in the middle of the busy traffic. City lights are romantic and car horns resemble music, and we are wrapped in the warmth of our magic. I pull you closer and you’re shaking, I whisper “Are you afraid of me?” You look at me with the most beautifulest smile, and say “I have no reason to be.”

How did you manage to hypnotize me, it was you I actually had on the brain. So I ask what can I call you, you stroke my cheek and whisper in my ear “What’s in a name?” I laugh and raise my umbrella in the air, we watch it magically unfurl. What we have on the streets is two lovers in love, falling in love in a Dreamworld.

I gently hand you my umbrella, and…

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18 thoughts on “❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️

    1. He doesn’t read my comments hahahaha so you have to tell him on his blog. And of course it was my pleasure to share his work because it’s a series after all.😘😘😘😆♥️


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