Loving you as you sleep, my Prince

Sometimes, in the middle of the night,
I look at you as you sleep.
At Your beautiful face, which rules my dreams,
At your heart that loves me so deep.

I brush my fingers over your hair,
Kiss you soft, on your cheek.
Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest,
And listen to your heart beat .

I wrap my hand around your waist ,
And hold you tight , close to me.
Pouring all my love, into the kiss I place  on your heart,
And slowly, smiling, I fall off to sleep.


18 thoughts on “Loving you as you sleep, my Prince

  1. The first verse is amazing, the second verse fit for a King. The third was simply breathtaking, in all this poem was a beautiful dream. You crafted this perfectly Pretty Girl, from heart, soul and love. Just like the Angel you are, from the Heavens up above. A wonderful write from the my Poetic Princess.🌹🌹😘😘♥️


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