It’s the festival of lights again,
The sky sparkles with endless glitter,
Fireworks, diyas, candles, and sweets all around,
And lots of hugs, wishes, gifts and laughter.

Pretty rangoli decorating the house,
Heartfelt prayers for prosperity,
Gorgeous dresses and beautiful magic in the air,
Here is wishing happy diwali to u and your family.


May this festival of lights fill our life with joy, prosperity, love, and good health.




30 thoughts on “HAPPY DIWALI♥️ 🎊🎊🎊

  1. Happy Diwali beautiful lady! Love everything about this festival. I am in the UK so it’s a big deal over here too. May it bring you enormous and gorgeous blessings ❤️🌟⭐⭐✨✨

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    1. Wow thank you so very much for such amazing wishes. Yes Diwali is a big deal for Indians and there are lots of Indians in the United Kingdom. I hope you have an awesome time in the festivities. Wish you lots of happiness and prosperity. Stay awesome and thank you once again♥️♥️♥️♥️😘

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  2. Love this post and good wishes Pretty Girl♥️. Happy Dawali to a very special person who has made The Festival of Lights something for me to admire too😘😘. May blessings rain down on this festive time and joy occur during your celebrations. Again, Happy Dawali my Pretty Girl…a reason for me to recognize this special event occasion too.♥️♥️. I ♥️ you.😍😘😘😘


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