How could I see what I couldn’t see,
How could I be which my soul never agreed?,
These questions plagued me night and day,
I wanted to run somewhere, somewhere far away.

No shelter I found in shattering rain,
My wings were too well tied and chained.
Helpless, I shut my eyes, unsure what to do,
My heart prayed for something, anything to anchor me, as gardens strewed.

Spilled streams shattered dreams,
I was perched in the eye of the storm.
something tugged me to look within,
A Phoenix sat there, singing me this song.

“You have a path untouched by the billions,
On it your footsteps will be first.
Fear not girl, happiness will find you,
Have faith, in me u can trust”.

This song lives in me bright as a day,
As blindly I navigate my way.
I step on puddles, dance and laugh,
Its my path, my life my heart.

© SONA, 2018

58 thoughts on “MY OWN LIFE PATH

  1. Oh, I just remembered I wanted to ask you if you have joined Poet’s Corner? I think you might enjoy being a part of it. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your work and to attract new followers too. Just thinking of you!!!

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  2. Why walk on a road when you can pave your own? Loved this poem beautiful, what a message about creating your own story. Why go see a show if you have Enchantress and magicians on hand, no telling what kind of magic can be created.😁. A very lovely poem indeed, when dreams and reality collide, we make our own stories.🌹🌹

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      1. Wow, that was beautiful! These beautiful comments you say to me, from the mouth of an Angel so they’re Heaven sent. Whether it’s the past or the future or anytime in between, you’re a gift so you’ll always be a present. Not just seconds or minutes, but I’m talking continuously. Your comments and post that you do, brings a smile to my face daily.🌹🌹

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      2. Gorgeous me huh?❤️. You sweetheart🌹. Suggestions for another blog🤔… about what a smile does for you or the magic in a smile. The magic in your smile❤️

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      3. Hahaha! Your welcome beautiful❤️❤️. And yeah, slow does give the best results possible😉❤️❤️. That’s why I’m sure you’ll like my post coming out soon.😉❤️

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      4. Hahaha! Oh what a delight that I understood the difference. Always grateful to you for that. 😉😂😂❤️❤️💖
        but I think I should let you sleep now, else will keep chatting the whole day I mean the whole night for you. So, sweet sweet dreams handsome❤️❤️❤️

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      5. Hahaha! Yes, knowing the difference is good, and I owe that to you as well.❤️❤️❤️❤️
        But if you want me to sleep now I will😉. But good things are meant to last and I don’t mind talking to you. But yes, I will have sweet dreams….you know that gorgeous.❤️❤️❤️

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  3. You have a path untouched by the billions,
    On it your footsteps will be first.
    Fear not girl, happiness will find you,
    Have faith, in me u can trust”.

    Beautifully penned ❤❤❤

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    1. Oh my that was a very sweet and delightful comment. I don’t think anyone’s going to give me royalty, I just hope they keep giving me salary hahaha and thank you so very much dear for your gorgeous and lovely words. So happy you enjoy my poems. Much love

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    1. Thank you so much sweetheart. I am so happy you could appreciate this very emotional piece. This is very close to my heart. Thank you for reading and for your precious comment. Have a great day ahead♥️♥️

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