I am so scared,
Still not prepared,
For this darkness which kills my light,
Without any bloodshed.

Though you are here now,
Will you go away,
When there won’t be any sunrise,
For me to cherish and pray?

Will you still hold my hand,
Make me laugh as you do.
Hold me all night long,
And say I love you?

I am so scared,
Can’t comprehend,
Why this night has no stars,
If ever this nightmare will end

Won’t you never ever tire,
Of holding my hand,
Through the smoothest paths and rockiest roads,
Cause alone I can never stand?

Oh Tell me honey,
Will you regret being with me,
Or will you always wipe my tears,
And say I am your Queen?

Will you forever be my biggest strength ,
And tell me how pretty are my eyes,
Sooth my bruised soul,
And make everything feel alright?

Cause I am so scared,
Still not prepared,
For this darkness which kills my light,
Without any bloodshed.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


42 thoughts on “FEARS

    1. Thank you so much dear for reading. I am glad my poem could touch you in anyway and that you could relate to it. Many thank you for stopping by and for reading my work. I appreciate it


      1. You humble me with your generous words dear. I am sure you can write beautifully as well. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my poems. I really appreciate it. Stay Beautiful


      1. (ek secret btau.ye exam dena cancel kr dia.😂😂)..yr actually im not fully prepared for this exam an And my next test is in Dec. so now im preparing for that exam..(is exam me phy,maths h mere dushman.. dec wale me computer mera besti😂😂)

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you have already retrieved it. It’s just under the comment section, you have to click on spam under comments to see the list of your spam comments which wordpress has placed there either correctly or incorrectly. Thank you


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