Sand prints

They walked along the shore,
arm in arm, hands entwined.
Pressed in warm, wet sand,
their footprints left behind.
It was their special time together,
on the beach at the end of the day.
Enjoying the beautiful sunset,
watching young children play.
Their heads are close together
as they plan their life ahead,
his arm goes around her shoulder
as they decide it’s now time to wed.
She raises her face upward,
as if to receive a kiss,
a look of joy in her eyes,
as she dreams of wedded bliss.
He pulls her very close to him,
promising to keep her from harm,
to provide a safe haven for her,
where she’d be loved, safe, and warm.
They walk off into that beautiful sunset,
arm in arm, their hands entwined,
as the tide creeps upon the shore,
erasing all those footprints left behind.
Tomorrow they will again return,
their path to trace once more,
leaving more footprints behind
on that sun-drenched gulf shore.

**By Pamela Gayle Smith

39 thoughts on “Sand prints

  1. This one is so so beautiful. Can’t tell you how much I loved this. The way described the flow, the circular motion of the poem, everything was so beautiful. 💕

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      1. When you just open your eyes and get to see a ‘how are you’ msg from the beach boy himself, how can one be? AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD. 🙃
        I am a happy soul and you made me much more happy. Thank you.

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      2. That makes me so happy to hear this. I will be going away for the weekend. I may be out of wifi range for four days. If you post I will read it on Tuesday.

        So, in case if Idon’t have wifi, have a beautiful weekend my dear

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      3. Four days? 🤧
        Take care of your health dear and enjoy! 🙃
        You will be missed ❤️


      4. My dear I am in the best of health now. Unfortunately, I have special guests in my home and I can’t blog.
        You didn’t notice I didn’t post today?
        I won’t post again until the end of October.

        I will do my best to read your posts and Ms. Sparkling posts, because I love the way the two of you write.

        Thank you for saying I will be missed. Don’t know if you know my history. I was the only child of two parents who were also only children. So when my parents passed, I was left with no uncles aunts or cousins. No one.

        So when people say I will be missed, well, it means a lot to me.

        My apologies to Ms. Sparkling for using your blog to communicate with Ms Bonne Fille. Jaya take good care.
        If I you don’t hear from me this weekend you will on Tuesday.

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      5. I am glad that you are feeling better again. Enjoy the company of your guests. End of October, that’s a long time! But, no problem, Whenever I will miss you, I will read one of your old posts.
        Yes dear, I do remember. You have mentioned being the only child of your parents in one of your old posts. It must be hard sometimes to be all alone. Having siblings just makes your life better in so many ways. But, no worries, you can always count me as your family.

        Take care dear Drew 🙃

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      6. My dear Andrew I am sure you know how much I cherish your friendship. So please remember there is no need to apologize. End of October is a long long time and believe me I will truly miss your posts. But as Jaya said I will go and read back your older posts ♥️ I am happy to know that your health is perfect now and that you are doing well. I wish nothing but the best for you. Thank you for all the love you shown to me. And yes also remember that the sparkling friend of yours will miss you a lot a lot a lot♥️♥️♥️

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  2. while reading this awesome piece feeling like im living these lovely moments(atleast dreaming😉😉😁) so beautiful ❤️❤️😘


    1. Haha believe me, I dream of this myself. Don’t we Bollywood loving girls dream so very often of that beautiful wedded bliss ,Romance love in our hearts and smile at our own dreams. I am sure you get the drift…


      1. haha true that..even i wrote about my dream.. bollywood an love songs(specially punjabi love songs) just love them an from them dream about my life😊😊😉..hope very soon our dreams come true❤️❤️

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      2. Oh yes I enjoy Punjabi songs as well, but I don’t understand much of the language except I love the beats. Punjabi nahi aati Mujhe hahaha except for Honey Singh. And yes I do pray that our beautiful lovely dreams do come true very soon♥️♥️


      3. haha honey singh..yes he is good..crazy Im punjabj so most of the time listen punjabi no worries u just listen punjabi songs I’ll tell u there meaning😊😊.


      4. Koi achha song ho toh zaroor batana. I could do with some peppy music which has good lyrics, even though I won’t understand them haha. Have a great evening ahead there.♥️♥️


      5. abi ka mera favourite punjabi song awaz by kamal khan..must listen im sure u like this song..(jese chatting kr rahe h na wp ko wtsapp bnake chhodenge ham😁😁)

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      6. ye lijiye.. braces me meaning hai..thoda jyadaaaaaaa lamba ho gya ye comment

        Teri akhiyan ch noor kinna saara
        (teri ankho me kitna noor hai)
        Gallan ch sukoon si sajjna x (2)
        (teri bato me bohot sukoon tha sajjana)
        Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz maari
        (mujhe lga allah ne mujhe awaz lgayi h
        Bulaya mainu tu si sajjna x (2)
        (par mujhe tune bulaya tha mere sajjna)
        Oh jinna soch na sake tu
        (jitna tu soch bhi na sake)
        Ohna pyar karde aan x (2)
        (utna pyar krte hai)

        Teri gall hor ae sajjna
        (teri bat kuch aur hai sajjna)
        Assi taan tere pairaan warge aan
        (ham to tere pero jese hai)

        Mere nehde nehde reh tu
        (tu mere pas pas rah)
        Teri mintaan karde aan x (2)
        (teri minnate krte hai)

        Teri gall hor ae sajjna
        Assi taan tere pairaan warge aan

        Mere pehle din dil utte chhapeya
        Tera sohna munh si sajjna
        (pahle din se hi tera sundar chehara mere dil par chhap gya hai)

        Mainu laggeya, laggeya
        Mainu laggeya, laggeya
        Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz maari
        Bulaya mainu tu si..
        (mujhe lga,mujhe lga allah ne mujhe bulaya par mujhe to tune bulaya tha sajjna

        Sajjna sajjna sajjna sajjna
        Sajjna sajjna sajjna ho sajjna

        Ki din ki, depehar ki, shaam ki
        (kya din kya dophar kya sham)
        Raat ki har vehle teri gallan
        (kya rat bs har time teri hi bate)
        Hath paer mere kanpde dono
        Naal tere jadd challan x (2)
        (mere hath per kampane lgte hai jab tere sath chalti hu)

        Hath paer mere kanpde dono
        (mere hath per dono kampate hai)

        Mainu hath laaya jadon pyar naal tu

        (jan tune mujhe pyar se hath lagaya
        kambalu loon si sajjna
        (jese namak ki dalli hath lgate hi ho jati h vese ho gyi hu…… )

        Mainu laggeya haan
        Mainu laggeya haan
        Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz maari
        Bulaya main..
        Sajjna sajjna sajjna ve sajjna
        Sajjna sajjna sajjna ve sajjna

        Oh jinna soch na sake tu
        (jitna soch bhi na sake)
        Ohna pyar karde aan
        (tujhse utna pyar krte hai)
        Teri gall hor ae sajjna
        Assi taan tere pairaan warge aan
        (teri bat aur h sajjana ham to tere pero jese hai)

        Haan jivein parinda aalhne tarse
        (jese pakshi(bird) apne ghosle ke liye tarasati h)
        Ovein tere layi tarsaan
        (vesee hi me tere liye tarasati hu)

        Tu jadon mere ton nazar ghumave
        (jab tum mere upar se apni najar hata lete ho)
        Osse thaan main marsan x (2)
        (me usi jagah mar jati hu)

        Tu jadon mere ton nazar ghumave

        Main adhi raati kal matha tekeya
        Tere ghar nu si sajjna
        (mene kl adhi rat tere ghar ko matha teka)

        Mainu laggeya Allah
        Mainu laggeya Allah
        Mainu laggeya Allah ne awaaz maari
        Bulaya mainu tu si sajjna

        Sajjna ve, sajjna ve, sajjna ve
        Sajjna ve, sajjna ve


      7. Oh my god. I am speechless. How do I thank you sweetie I did not expect you to actually translate every line for me. I am so so so grateful and so very touched I have no words. And This Song oh my God it’s beautiful so so so beautiful thank you for taking the time out to translate it for me. Kya Bataon yaar dil Jeet liya tune ♥️♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘😘😘


      8. anytime sweety😘… apko koi b punjabi song acha lge meaning puchh sakte ho.. hardly 5 min lgte h this is my favorite song isko to 50 bar likh sakti hu😁..

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    1. Thank you so much. I came across this poem in a book and really liked it, so thought of sharing it on my blog. So happy you enjoyed it as much as I did. Let’s say love is timeless, Shall we? Hahaha. Stay Beautiful

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