Every time you pick up the phone and say hello in my accent,
I cannot help but laugh,
And fall a little more ,
A little more in love with you.

Your voice plays the most luscious guitars in my romantic heart,
No more do I need to close my eyes to feel you as my life’s part,
The sweet sparkling galaxy of moments that we share with each other,
I wish to capture this night sky in my palms, and forget it never,
For you have done something to me, something I can no longer ignore,
Every day and every night, honey I fall, fall for you a little more.

When you share with me your vulnerabilities, and let me sooth you in the only way I can,
When you try to find the perfect songs, to show me that you are holding my hand,
The sheer sweetness of you, truly takes my breath away sometimes,
The way you indulge my silliest requests, and stay up and talk to me all night,
Every time we laugh, or be like lovers behind locked doors,
I fall, honey I fall for you a little more.

I sleep in your arms every starry sky, every waking hour I think of you,
Your warmth is my heaven, your proximity my reward, not a moment I want to spend without you,
Your kisses envelope me like a halo, an erotic memory on my body,
I dream of you, eyes open or closed, you are what dreams are made up of honey.
Every time my sun, dips in your Californian shore,
I fall, fall for you a little more.

14 thoughts on “FALL FOR YOU

  1. Your words, your heart, your mind and soul has taken me prisoner and put me under your control. I hear your voice and my sky’s are instantly blue. I continuously fall for you and each trip is something new. We built our oasis’s, piece by piece. And we soon created a planet where time between us cease. Sharing that world with you Pretty Girl, it’s a dream come true. So we’ll keep falling together, because I love you.♥️
    Your words are simply amazing to me, I know you can feel it because we truly are one but I don’t think you get how romantically amazing you are😘😘. Moments, memories, lyrics and lines all magically enchantingly entwined to make the sweetest rhyme. I simply love love love this post and I am in love with it!!♥️♥️. And I’m saying it with an accent.😏😘😘😘. I love you♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹. Throwing roses just for you.😉

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  2. OMG, Sona!!! This is Stunningly Amazing and romantic!! Too wonderful!!! Love the longing and love in your words! Please be sure you include this in your “Best Of Sona” list (a rapidly growing list to be sure!). What a lucky guy your Beloved is, My Dear!! So, happy he adores you too!!! Bellissimo, Sona, Bellissimo!

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