Has your lover ever taken days off from work, just to be with you,
After hearing my sad voice on the phone, my baby knew exactly what to do.

He cashed in his vacation, held my hand and took me on a ride,
Into a soft place of dreams, where pretty sunsets and sunrises collide.

Satin clouds became our bed, while our hearts did the talking,
Breath vapoured into music, becoming the air beneath our wings.

Wrapped in each others arms, we painted a magical moment of happiness,
An enchanting beach with fountains and forests, a union which Angels would witness.

but when he made those promises to me, emotions raw in his voice,
I can honestly say my heart forgot to beat, for it just had no other choice.

My world tilted on its axis, staggered by the depth of his love,
Words alluded me in sheer wonder, when they saw the gift I had gotten from above.

Somewhere someplace in space, the skies must have burst into colours,
When cocooned in our love, we placed rings of promises on each others fingers.

Me: do you think we would ever meet honey?
Him: I don’t see why I wouldn’t ever meet my…. !!!

DATED the 27th of MAY, 2019,
A beautiful memorable day .

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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    1. Thank you so much Andrew yes Mr brain freeze does have the power to make my heart stop beating with his wonderful wonderful words. I wanted to write a bit about our conversation so that I can preserve it in words and make memories forever. Thank you so much for liking and for your sweet comment. Lots of love


  1. Pure amazing sweetie, you turn moments into memories and those memories into magic. You mix that magic with love and purity and suddenly it all becomes enchantingly royalty. That’s why you are my Queen, the owner of my heart. The promise engraved in the rings, the light within the dark. The words you laid in this poem, moved me immensely and that’s true. Taking my breath away and stuttering my heartbeats, I wish I could do it like you. I loved every verse from sunrise and sunset, to our fingers receiving the rings. The crescendo moment with the beautiful conversation, thank you for this gorgeous writing. ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘😘. I love you♥️♥️😘😘😘

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Your post, your poems, your words and your you are what are breathtaking sweetie, you rotate my world and stop time. I love your kisses and give you so many back with hugs on top.😘😘😘😏😏😍😍


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