Your eyes
are like the darkest night,
Adorned with a myriad sparkling stars.
Gazing into me,
a breathless intensity,
Setting me ablaze with every trickling hour.

Your voice
is like molten chocolate,
Slowly Seeping into my soul.
A delicious touch
Making me blush,
With strokes gentle and bold.

Your arms
are like my own fragrant sanctuary,
Wrapping me tight against your chest.
A beautiful heart,
A promise never to part,
Where I can easily close my eyes and rest.

Your fingers
are like eroticism personified,
Sensually sliding over my skin.
Dipping and trailing,
Luxuriously exploring,
All those tempting paths to sin.

Your lips
are like thrumming embers ,
Speaking the language of moon kissed nights.
A moist warm tease.
Making me squeeze,
Sailing me to heavenly heights.

your legs
are like tides of passion,
drawing me closer into your heat.
A long comet,
Surging into a lake so wet,
Until all that is left is our gasping heart beat.


21 thoughts on “THE SEXY YOU

  1. Piece by poetic piece, you romantically broke it down. You make ordinary feel like royalty, by lifting me above ground. The eyes, voice and arms, the fingers…lips and legs. The passion of webs that you spun your words, are permanently stuck in my head.♥️. The sexy me, and the much sexier you. No one loves me, the way that you do. Our flame will always burn, because you are my fire. And you always will be, my one desire.😏🔥♥️
    I love what you do to, for me.♥️🌏♥️


  2. Her writing is beautiful and lovely. Love isn’t money or popularity, its words back up with actions to demonstrate a meaning so powerful that makes you look at life in a different meaning.
    She is a good writer

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes love is so much more than words . It is behaving in that special way that shows your partner that you actually care . Thank you so so much dear for such an amazing comment. I apologize for the late reply . A million thanks for your support . Stay happy .


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