💫Journey of Love ♥️: A Long Awaited Collab by Sona & Roy

ROSA writings¿- our fifth poetic collaboration 💖😊🎈🎵🎵💖


Usually we’d split the verses to distinguish which person wrote what verse, but we have become one on our incredible journey that we decided to not italicize our own verses just to see if our readers can tell the differences. Another journey into time, whoever thought we’d cross this line.♥️Through the gardens upon the waves, hand and hand they glided together. Sunrise beaming on their faces, with open hearts they wrote love letters.

With streaks of gold lining out, they traced their fingers in the sky. The clouds parted in sheer wonder, and magic began to fly.

Like musical notes given wings, their passionate messages hit the air. Melodies born spread far and wide, as love orchestras began to flare.

The time stopped or did it spin, and weave a tale of dreams to life. They constructed castles among the stars, creating their own paradise.

She held his…

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9 thoughts on “💫Journey of Love ♥️: A Long Awaited Collab by Sona & Roy

  1. One of the best, most beautiful, most heartfelt and sensual, heart throbbing collabs I’ve ever read. You two were meant to write with each other. This is a perfect fit.

    Miss you and hope you’re well.
    So happy to catch up with your beautiful poetry. It makes my heart smile


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    1. You just made me smile so big. I had been feeling so depressed all there and your comment lifted me up. Thank you honey for this beautiful comment and for your lovely support. Hope you are doing well. Many many hugs and kisses

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      1. Why depressed? Now I’m sad…you know you can reach out to me for anything? Hope your know that

        But so happy I could bring you joy my lovely. You deserve all the happiness and love in the world.
        I’m okay sweetie. Thank you.

        Hugs and smooches back xoxoxoxoxo


      2. Thank you for saying that. Yes I know I can reach out to you. You are just amazing. I love you so much. Just feeling depressed and lonely because my mister romantic poet has gone on a work trip and left me behind. Haha. So I am reading your poems, and reading your words and trying to make myself happy. Thank you once again. Many hugs

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Love you too, sweetness.
        Aw I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely without your love. He’s in your heart alway and forever. Hold on to that. Obstacles only make love stronger. Believe me

        Read all you need. Take my poems and snuggle til sunrise


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