I am sitting on the terrace,
Playing my guitar.
Lost in you, I am scripting songs,
Right from my heart.

With my eyes softly closed,
And a smile across my face.
My soul sings songs,
Of our own happy place.

Heart glowing, hair blowing,
My fingers strum.
They don’t need permission,
To write their own romance rhythm.

Turning to the skies above ,
A prayer I silently say,
“Oh! be the messenger of my love to him,
In your own mysterious way.

Let the wind carry my love to him,
Wherever he is.
Let him feel my love right now,
As I blow him a kiss.

Let the wind reach his heart,
And whisper to his soul.
His girl awaits him quietly,
He is the only one that makes her  whole”.


© Sona, 2018





60 thoughts on “CARRY MY LOVE TO HIM, OH WIND!

  1. Wow! I really do love this! Love the songwriting!!! I can’t believe anything I wrote may have influenced you, but if it did I am more than thrilled! I am really hooked on your writing!!! Thanks for directing me here!


      1. Missed your response, please forgive me!!! Reread this and loved it even more!! I am in awe that you got a seed of inspiration from my – Let the winds carry you home!! I love it that you took and used the same messenger, The Wind, for sending your love to your Beloved as the Father did in my piece!! You are a Poetess Extraordinaire!!! Thank you, Sweetie for letting my words reach your heart and inspire you to write the words coming from your heart!!! Bellissio, Sona, Bellissimo!!!

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  2. Wrote it in a small time,
    Apologies, stole some of your lines.
    Hope this doesn’t sound offensive,
    I was trying to be retrospectively pensive.
    Another terrace, another location,
    Trying to tune in to the radio station.
    Lost in thoughts, trying to figure out,
    Who’s songs are these, trying to reach out..
    Eyes closed, mind in search,
    With every new word, I start to lurch.
    The songs come broken, with empty space,
    Though it seems, of a happy place.
    Heart beating, head banging,
    My fist presses strong.
    I grow more curious, more daring,
    It feels like an amorous song.
    Turning to the skies above,
    A prayer I silently say,
    Oh! the messenger of her love to me,
    Why do you stay away?
    Come to me, bring me my love,
    Its innocent can’t you see.
    Let me embrace and feel her grace,
    For she’s trying to reach me.
    Let her breeze, calm my heart,
    and inspire my soul within.
    Wait for me, I’ll soon be there,
    And take your heart to spin…

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      1. Well, let me know, if you want me to reply/write a response-poem to any of your other poems. I won’t, unless you let me, because it might become offensive, since it would be a reply.


      2. Hmmm, well then, let it be. I don’t intend to remotely hurt any feeling with which you might have written your poem… 🙂
        So, if and only when you say which one to reply to, I would do it… 🙂

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  3. Wonderful work with words dear !

    I dive into pools of your dreams
    I see seas of majic in your poetry
    It feeds my soul
    Kick starts the Poet’s Heart
    Making it beat fierce
    Always leaving its indelible mark

    Yet I come and go like the wind
    Leaving behind my scent ,
    patchouli ….and the writings you read,
    the only indicator of my presence ,
    as I whisper in your dreamscape,
    such lovely little things , at which you smile ,
    when you remember,
    metaphysically I was there,
    but only as a dream
    Yes that’s it
    I am the poet pusher
    Bringing the drug that fills your mind
    The ones that make you write more and more

    Happy writing dearie …keep on shinning with your beautiful golden ink of love 👭👭💖💖💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

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