Heart wish

the only thing
I want
To do,
Is fall
In Love
With you❤️❤️

12 thoughts on “Heart wish

    1. Oooh you are here. I am so happy to see you around Andrew. ☺️
      I hope you are feeling better after your surgery.
      Mr Freeze likes to stir up heat. Hehehe.
      We both miss you. Take care dear and stay safe.
      Love from us 💖💖

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    1. You are a darling, thank you so much for your sweet and kind words 💖
      So happy to know that my little words can touch you.
      A million thanks for your love and support dear.
      Love from Sparkling Freeze. 💖💖☺️

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      1. What can I say? Your whispered words always reach my heart, Dear! And I’m so happy they do!! Thanks for writing and sharing the love and joy in your heart with us, Sparkling Freeze! Praise where praise is due!!! I love being one of your cheerleaders but I won’t wear any outfits!! LOL!

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      2. Not sure how this comment ended up in Spam. I am so glad I found it though.
        You are our cheer leader and no we won’t force you in any costume hahaha. Don’t worry.
        Take care dear.

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