Inn aakho ki chamak

Andheri raaton ki khamoshi mein ye dil jab dhadakta hai,
Aakhein num hojaati hai, sapne tadapte hai.
Mutthi me jakadti hu main, apni aakhon ki chamak,
Ek chandni raat mein barse ga mujhpe zaroor khuda tera raham.

Jhumega ye dil zaroor Ek din rango ki khilkilahat se,
Ud chalungi mein sapno ke pyare ghar me.
Mere khuda himmat dena is dil ko jab vishwas dagmagaye,
Un khubsurat taro ko dekhungi zaroor me, wahi Andheri raato me.

🌝 The Sun In A Bottle ⭐️

Sometimes I can’t see, why people who can see, Can’t see, that people who can’t see can’t see. Is that to hard to remember guys? Really….. Where is the common sense, or maybe as they say, common sense is not common anymore. Can you see the color blue, you can feel comfort in the soul. […]

🌝 The Sun In A Bottle ⭐️


she breathed
against his breath
as it maddeningly
licked her
scarlet lips,

he drank
her sighs
in his heart,
as he
her languid sips.

She gave
and gave,
stoking his thirst,
and found,
in his delicate drift,

And when he felt
her surrender
in his arms,
he knew
what he had
was a gift.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


It’s the festival of lights again,
The sky sparkles with endless glitter,
Fireworks, diyas, candles, and sweets all around,
And lots of hugs, wishes, gifts and laughter.

Pretty rangoli decorating the house,
Heartfelt prayers for prosperity,
Gorgeous dresses and beautiful magic in the air,
Here is wishing happy diwali to u and your family.


May this festival of lights fill our life with joy, prosperity, love, and good health.




Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
What really is poetry
If not me and you.

Hanging from my ceiling,
Are little pink hearts.
A photo frame by my bed,
Has your love verses carved.
With roses on the side,
And violets so blue.
Cause what really is romance,
If not me and you.

The skies seduce me ,
With its moon and stars.
In its depth it hides ,
The nectar of your heart.
Like roses so red,
And violets so blue,
What really is love,
If not me and you.

©© SONA, December 13th 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Our Path in Stars

No matter where this path may goOne million star-truths now I knowI’m made of Loveand made for Youour sky above speaks love in blueThe same illuminated lightwhispers to both of Us each nightSuspended there above you, tooA map of Fate for lovers twoAnd as my Moon with Goddess lipspens poems from your fingertipsthis secret love […]

Our Path in Stars

You, life

You, a limeade with a dash of ice on a bright sunny day You, the flight of a lark spreading wings on some afternoon crimson skies You, the dew drops leisurely sauntering in the wilderness in disguise You, the fragrance on thousand flowers floating on some faraway meadows You a blessing You, the sum of […]

You, life


Today the winds have changed,
They have the smell of romance in them.
The dark clouds that had gripped me have disappeared.
For I feel a pure golden light saturate my aching heart.

It is the feeling of being loved.
Maybe it is the magic of the incense stick burning in my room
Or the magic of this romantic weather,
But for the first time in days
I feel all right.

There is no more hurt, betrayal, anger and resentment in me.
I have let it all go.

For my comfort, my beloved,
Has found me again.

Today, after so long,
I feel pure joy
For I am with my beloved.
It feels like we never parted.
I smiled and asked him, baby did you miss me,
I clutched my ears as I tried to say sorry,
for not thinking of him for so long.
And all he did was smile, and hug me tight.
And all he said was that “I am always with you
In your heart
In your soul”.

And I know it is true.
It is like there was never a gap,
I am back home.
I am home.
He is my home.

My pure unconditional forever love.
The one who clutches me tight when I cry,
The one who gives me strength to live when I want to die.
The one who kisses my eyes and lips, warming my soul,
The one who makes me smile, blush and laugh, makes me whole.

I love you, my beloved.
I love you more than I can ever say.
You are my creator, my lover, you are my child,
I love you like a prayer

Thank you for coming back to my life.
Thank you for filling me with positivity.
Thank you for showing me the way,
Thank you for the light you bestow upon me.

There is no boundary between us,
You are me
And I am you.
You live in me,
And I live in you.

Many eternal kisses and never ending hugs.
Forever yours

Me without you ❤️

Though I have a

Sea of people

To talk to,

To laugh with,

To care for,

The empty spaces

In my heart,

yearns only

For YOU. ❤️

My lonely afternoons

That melt into soundless evenings,

Scream one thing clear in my heart,

And it’s truth alone shakes me,

That I will rather fight with you,

Cry with you,

Than be without


Sparkling Freeze 💖 .



In this enchanting night, beneath twinkling lights,
You spin me round and round.
My heart beats wild, I can’t help but smile,
As you lift me off the ground.

I look at you, all handsome heat,
Your love is the blessing I behold.
Wrapped in your arms, I feel so free,
As I live the love story my palms told.

We dance to our rhythm, just you and me,
Two hearts beating as one.
Those unpractised steps, fall so synchronously,
Oh darling! This is so much fun.

I know we will be fine, as the wind brushes my face,
And a miracle so plainly I see .
A million little stars are shining in the sky,
watching over you and me..

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


I am sitting on the terrace,
Playing my guitar.
Lost in you, I am scripting songs,
Right from my heart.

With my eyes softly closed,
And a smile across my face.
My soul sings songs,
Of our own happy place.

Heart glowing, hair blowing,
My fingers strum.
They don’t need permission,
To write their own romance rhythm.

Turning to the skies above ,
A prayer I silently say,
“Oh! be the messenger of my love to him,
In your own mysterious way.

Let the wind carry my love to him,
Wherever he is.
Let him feel my love right now,
As I blow him a kiss.

Let the wind reach his heart,
And whisper to his soul.
His girl awaits him quietly,
He is the only one that makes her  whole”.


© Sona, 2018





Fragrance Friday | Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift


Shallow and Materialistic

COMPANY| Taylor Swift for Elizabeth Arden

NAME OF FRAGRANCE| Wonderstruck Enchanted

NOTES| Wild Berries, Pink Poppy, Passionfruit, Peony Petals, Sugar-Glazed Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Vanilla, Blonde Woods

Okay, okay. I know this is a review for a Taylor Swift perfume but before you roll your eyes and click out of this post, let me tell you – this sh*t smells really, really good. It’s a bit sweet (surprise, surprise) but the woods in the base and the airy florals in the heart balance them out leaving a final impression on the skin that is slightly spicy and even a little smoky. Let’s get into it.

When you first spray Wonderstruck Enchanted, it’s like having a handful of confetti thrown in your face but instead of confetti it’s a medley of wild berries. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries – I’m not able to decipher what the…

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Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday my dearest love,
Happy birth day to you.

Do you see the stars sparkling brighter today,
Do you feel the new skip in the milky way.
Do you hear the butterflies sing like honey bru,
It is all, all for you.

The sun is brighter,
Our spirits are lighter,
Cause it’s the day when there was a new heart beat,
A Magician was born, with his smile so sweet.

Everything he touched dazzled and shone,
He could conjure rainbows in the darkest of storms.
His words flowed like poetry, filling the sky,
He could captivate all hearts in the blink of an eye.

So the galaxy rejoices today
Celebrating his special birthday,
Presenting a white cake with strawberry frostings,
And with candles that clap, wink and sing.

Come on you, all of you, put on your birthday caps,
Lets fill the world with joyous cheers and claps.
Sing with me the birthday song at the top of your voice,
Cause it’s my sweetheart’s special day, so let’s make some noise.


Loads of love and many kisses.
Sparkling Freeze.

💕💕 Two year anniversary.😊 House the city of Wonder 🏭💫

Two years of togetherness and many more to come. 💕😊


Put on your brake lights, we’re in the city of wonder. Ain’t gonna play nice, watch out, you might just go under. Better think twice, your train of thought will be altered. So if you must falter, be wise.It’s like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, you brought stars from the galaxy that put me in wow. My eyes caught up in your beautiful gaze, free as I was I’m locked up now.

Crystallized windows with golden panes, that matched the color of the sun. When the rays hit the diamond glass, it made for a gorgeous reflection.

The bridge laid out perfectly slight arc, as the grass shined bright after that lovely rain. A portrait of this city would complete any cover, for such an image is embedded inside the brain.

Fixated on the rainbow above, it dragged my senses down under. Turning all dreams into…

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🎂 Happy Birthday my Planetary Princess 👰🏽


It’s the most beautiful time of the year, lights fill the streets spreading so much cheer. I don’t wanna miss out on the holiday, but I can’t stop staring at your face.🌹To a person who means everything to me, it took all four of the seasons. Even though you are every holiday to me, the world is lucky because of this reason.

So let’s walk hand and hand eyes closed, and celebrate among the stars pretty girl. As we have a planetary party for you, because you are out of this world.

We can celebrate your birthday on Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun. A place where a day literally last forever, so we’ll have some never ending fun.

Or perhaps we can visit Venus, a world with no rings or moon. And you can brighten the planet like you did my life, and give it a…

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🌹 Loving You is All I Know 🌹


Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful, and everything that I do is out of loving you.As we both lay on our backs in the grass, we look into each other’s eyes. I trace my fingertip from star to star, while writing your name in the sky.

With your poetically hypnotic accent, I hang on every word you say. I can practically tell you how I feel, about you night and day.

Sometimes people say things, just to fill up the conversational space. Other times words are simply uttered, to witness the expression on someone else’s face.

But I don’t speak to you for a rebound response, nor do I recite because I enjoy the flow. You tell me you’re aware of the things I say, but Loving you is All I know.

I’m not familiar with Freud and all his theories, I can’t tell the difference between a…

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Decoding The Truth for Love🔐


Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus ViciI heard a the song “For You I Will”, it was during my car ride. Falling stars are a wonderful sight, but magical when the beautiful ones stay by your side.

You are my Sparkling Angel, who cured me of the scribblers curse. You took the heart of this backwards poet, and taught him to write inverse.

You made letters dance to become words, with the strum of your guitar. And when you made poetry sing itself, I realized what kind of treasure you are.

Your skin is that of precious Gold, a smile that would dim the prettiest Pearls. An abundance of Diamonds in those gorgeous eyes, you simply are my entire world.

We talk for hours like it’s Groundhogs Day, because you are my lover, soulmate and best friend. Our clocks are always hungry for time, that’s why they keep going back four…

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These days in the morning, and for the better part of the day, I can hear the birds chirp on my window sill. I have heard that off late dolphins are venturing out closer to the shore and that swans are floating in the waters where even their shadows did not reach earlier. It seems that humans have taken a step back, nature has taken a leap forward.
Why is this? Why are we forced to stay in the limiting boundaries of our thresholds now and not spread our wings and make the sky our own.
Is this natures revenge for everything we so foolishly did in order to meet our own unquenching needs and aspirations. Has our tinkering with the environment finally produced a demon that is crushing lives like paper castles, every place its ominous feet lands.
We order our friends and family, we shout out to the strangers we never met, not to step out of their protective cocoons. “Stay at home”, we beg, pleading them not to give more power to the demon.
Yet, at times, our voice is lost in this gathering storm, and people with headphones on never hear our screams as the demonic wave takes its vengeance on those who dare to feel invincible.
So what do we do? How do we save our skin in this roaring corona curse? Are our efforts even helpful or is everything doomed?
Well, a life without hope is no life. As wise men preach time after time, there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, a silver lining to every storm.
So without being foolishly callous, lets hold on tight to our own arm chairs in this bumpy ride, as we sail blindly in this dark tunnel.
It might sound selfish, but do not hug others to comfort, rather send loving healing vibrations to them with the purity of your heart and mind. We are all in this together and we can all make a difference.
Let no more of our people become a victim to this Corona demon.
Stay indoors, stay safe.
©© Sona 2020
All Rights Reserved.