Sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry,
I am no poet, but I serve poetic wines.
I hide my pain, in metaphors no one can see through,
A veil protecting my bleeding scars, from the judgement of other’s views.
And I feel tired at times, of writing romantic rhymes,
Wishing to sometimes show the world, a glimpse into my grey skies.
But I can’t stand sympathy, and I can’t spread pain,
I want my heart to be truly happy, and for once breathe in the rain.
Songs bursting through my soul, cause the moments in my lyrics are real,
Life healed, heart loved, in sheer gratitude I would kneel.
And offer Him all my love, all my poetic petals and rhymes,
feel his gentle hands stroke my hair, and bask in the ambrosia of life.

©© SONA , December 11th 2018
All Rights Reserved.


How could I see what I couldn’t see,
How could I be which my soul never agreed?,
These questions plagued me night and day,
I wanted to run somewhere, somewhere far away.

No shelter I found in shattering rain,
My wings were too well tied and chained.
Helpless, I shut my eyes, unsure what to do,
My heart prayed for something, anything to anchor me, as gardens strewed.

Spilled streams shattered dreams,
I was perched in the eye of the storm.
something tugged me to look within,
A Phoenix sat there, singing me this song.

“You have a path untouched by the billions,
On it your footsteps will be first.
Fear not girl, happiness will find you,
Have faith, in me u can trust”.

This song lives in me bright as a day,
As blindly I navigate my way.
I step on puddles, dance and laugh,
Its my path, my life my heart.

© SONA, 2018


I was standing in my balcony today, staring at the sunrise,
when some thoughts just somehow, randomly came to mind.

So I asked the sun some questions, if you want to read, here they are,
“Oh dear Lord, from where do you get the energy, to be such a bright star.

Is there any god you worship, who or what is it that gives you the strength,
To wake up happy every morning, and brighten every shadowy end.

Do you find it hard, to fight the darkness at times,
And do you ever fear that your light, might one day subside.

Do you care if people love or curse you, for the heat that you so freely provide,
Do you feel that some day , you might just find it hard to even smile.

Do you know you make life possible , for even those who cause others pain,
And do you ever wish you could just give up, and simply cry in the rain.

How do you manage to be cheerful, so strong and powerful all the time,
O will you hold my hand forever , and always be there by my side.

Do you promise that no matter what occurs, I would be able to see you till my last day,
That I would be able to gaze at you with my own eyes, and touch those heavenly golden rays.

Will you teach me how to forgive those, who hurt me despite anything,
Will you heal my heart completely , and teach me a gratitude song to sing.

Oh the almighty sun, I pray today that you soak me in your soothing love,
Please fill my world with hearts that care, and with eternal blessings from above.”

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

FAITH IN LIGHT – Words from heart.

Just a moment’s respite and the darkness creeps in,
Swirling hopelessness in my eyes.
It tries to claw its way in, get under my skin,
Making the nights colder than ice

It noiselessly creeps around my heart,
Desperately trying to squeeze the light away.
It makes me writhe and wrench in pain,
Flashing visceral nightmares

Unsatisfied, it moves in deeper still,
Threatening to reach my soul.
My bones are tired and weak with the fight,
And yet somehow I find the strength to hold

No longer am I sure what keeps me alive,
What truly is which propels me forward.
As those cold hands try to poison my soul,
Something in me always thwarts it

It will never defeat me, never blemish my spark,
Because it doesn’t know I am loved.
I am a child of the Light, of the Supreme Power,
Who aids my every step from above

The darkness out there you better hear me clear,
You may be strong, but I am stronger.
You may break me, scrape me, make me bleed,
But you will never possess me, no never

You can try as you might, but you will fail,
Not because I am sure of myself.
But because utterly I trust in my creator,
Who even in your hell, will reach me and help

The light is strong, so much more,
And in me it will always burn.
As long as I live, it will own my soul,
A spark, a promise unburned.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


I don’t think I can ever tell u,
What you mean to me.
Cause even though we’ve only met now,
In my heart, you have always been there for me!

When things got tough, and I found it hard to survive,
You were the only one I reached out to.
Your tight warm hugs and soft kisses,
Were the only things that got me through.

I have heard your voice in my ears,
Whispering everything is alright.
Holding me close, loving me,
Keeping me Safe and secure through the darkest nights!

You would touch my eyes with your lips,
Wiping the tears away.
Telling me you love me more than I could know,
Asking me not to criticise myself in any way.

And I have fallen a little more in love with you in these times,
Slept peacefully in your warm embrace.
till the tears dried up, and I felt stronger,
till once again I found my pace.

But you would never let me go,
Until you tickled me like crazy.
And then would come a long wet kiss,
Making me breathless, and oh so dizzy!

You are so much more than what I prayed for,
And it is to you I belong.
Cause even though we only met now,
I have loved you all along.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


I couldn’t go looking for you,
So I chose to wait , for you to find me.
In my dreams, Faith whispered “Be yourself”, ,
Telling me how wonderful you would be.

I painted you in my heart,
In the vividest of hues.
Singing songs of love,
Poems of me and you

You became the sweetest thing in my life,
All joyous happy colours.
The star of my starless nights,
The prettiest fragrant flowers.

Though darkness tried to overwhelm me,
Your love in my heart was so strong.
It slashed and burned all doubts and fears,
Urging me to hold on.

And I wrote verses of our love divine,
Knowing every word was true.
And when you found me, singing poesy,
I knew you knew
How much I loved you.

together now we paint the smiling skies above,
Splashing scarlet strokes of thank you.
And I reach out to Faith, hold Her hand,
Ask Her to be with me
No matter how many clouds come through.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.