🌹Cha Cha Cha! Our hilarious COLLABORATION.😊♥️♥️😘

It was night for me , or were the stars winking in his sky, I honestly do not remember. But the memory of our uncontrollable laughter and his oh so cute cute disposition, is so very fresh in my mind🤗
mmm… who was it really who brought the topic of tongue twisters in our nightly phone conversations😵?
Well…(hiding my face with my hands) , it must have been me. Trust the lady to come up with something crazy like this 😉😉.
Anyways, so while I was showing off to my sweetheart, my sky rocketing, Oscar winning abilities to say various tongue twisters, including those in Hindi language, which ofcourse he wouldn’t understand, Mister American that he is, (good for me… he would never know that I spoke all of them wrong!!! gulp! Shhh… don’t tell him! Lol! ), we ended up collaborating on a new creative task😎♥️ .

Here it is.
Try it, don’t cheat😉 and have fun.😍😍
Love from both of us.
A Chinese chimpanzee was chewing cheesy cheetos on a chilly day with cheeky Chester when he chuckled by chance and choked on chips.

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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Lyrics of a song I wrote.

Lying here alone in my bed,
These sheets feel so cold,
I’m trying to catch your silhouette.

The clock by my bed reads 2 a.m.
I grab on tight to my pillow,
I long for the warmth of your hand.

I wonder, if you know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
that I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t so far,
I miss you, every single hour.

The days just pass me by in a blur,
I’m standing on the shore,
Counting sunrises on my fingers.

I’m waiting for the wave which will bring you close to me,
My heart is scripting sad songs,
For I feel so lonely.

Oh darling, do you even know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
That I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, you are my only love star,
I miss you, every single hour.

Come back soon to your girl,
With your touch, fill my life, my world.
I can’t bear this distance apart.

This separation is killing me,
I’m trying to be brave, but I can’t even sleep,
There is a yawning emptiness in my heart.

Baby, baby, where ever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t this far,
I miss you, every single hour.
©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

Fragrant pearls of love- a compilation of your beautiful romantic notes ♥️

If it were up to me, I’d keep a photo of you like a sign,
Walk around with my eyes closed, to keep that image in my mind.
Keep a playlist of songs on repeat, and continuously listen to them too,
Just to insure that my brain, is only thinking about you.

I’ll write some refreshing verses, make them soothing and so cool,
Dress down to what you want to wear, and let my body be your pool.
I want to make you better, after you’ve had a really long day,
You can swim and bask in the poetic waters, or you can simply relax and lay.
Whatever you choose to do, I want you to do it without a care,
Free your body and ease your mind, and know that I’ll be there.

My whole life has changed, Every time I close my eyes,
Love me like you do, and Two Occasions are some of the songs I realized.
That means so much to me because our bond has become so strong,
The Feel Of First Love is amazing, ever since you’ve come along.
The love you write , your words just sets the pace,
Every time we are together, my smile can never be erased.
We created our own flower, we made our very own Planet,
So when I ask who each other’s heart belongs to, we can proudly say We Own It.

With every word that is whispered, with every syllable that is stewed.
All the verses poured on our bodies, they soon become tattooed.
The lines that are magically drawn, when the winds are enchantingly blown.
The poetry on the skin comes together, as if it was creatively being sewn.
They fall off the tip of our tongues, and cover us in such a circular motion.
That the romance can be read from our bodies like a book, after being covered in such poetic love potion.
My words may linger on your body, and trust me that’s just the start.
But your words do so much more, and linger in body and heart. ♥️♥️.

Drinking on the beach, quenching the thirst with something wet,
With you all over them, is enough to make anyone sweat.
Your exotic romantic poem, brought many images alive,
My imagination ran away with me, right before my very eyes.
Whatever drink you have, make sure you order two,
If you would like some company someday, I know a guy who’d love to join you.

©© ROY and SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Thank you sweetheart for writing these beautiful notes for me . You are awesome. XX
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♥️Some beautiful words written for me, which never fail to touch my heart. Sharing them because they are so special, so sweet and lovely. Thank you sweetheart♥️.

“If you know you’re not perfect, then I know more than you,
Because you’re absolutely perfect to me, and that Pretty Girl is true.
You say you can’t cook, some people can’t even spell it,
Besides I’d rather dine out with you, that’s simply much more romantic.
No one asks for darkness, but it occurs when we close our eyes,
But you and I have brought so much light, back into each other’s lives.
There is a Moon on our Planet, and there is also a Sun,
A bond that has become so strong, that our two hearts beat as one.
Beautiful is what you are, amazing is all you’ll ever be,
Words can’t simply describe, how much you mean to me.
If I am your Angel, then I can end my search,
Because that means I found in you, my Heaven on Earth♥️.
~You are perfectly amazing. Never let anyone tell you different~

©© ROY and Sona, 2018💐
All Rights Reserved.


A beautiful poem by Kiranmag:
****** Enjoy****


You are an angel’s song that’s creeps inside me in my
The words that make silence alive
A melody that’ betrays never
ending loneliness
The voice that screams when
I’m inside a lusty maze at

Dreamy eyes you have, speak
with the eloquence of thousand
You hear lost voices of the
Your lips pout seductively as
you give me a kiss
A heavenly aura that blooms
in our midst

But your magical words that graced inside your pen
Awaken the passions that
dwell within
So fiery they move my soul in
certain heights
Emotions exploded as two lost
souls unite

I beg more than what your
words can give
I need love that controls my
A rainbow colored feeling
that lifts souls beyond time
A masterpiece that my poetry
can challenge powerful minds

I love your words but I need
more, yes
Your warmth that makes my soul
flutter in space
The passions that break loose
As I feel the hardness you’ve
When you bury your soul in my
paradise so wild, everything not
wasted but taken.


Because I want to remember these songs and their stories. Thank you 🤗

You are the inspiration by Chicago
Last night by Az Yet
Two occasions by The Deal
Pretty girl by Jon B
Differences by Genuwine.
Everytime I close my eyes by baby face

You are my destiny by A.R. Rahman and Pussycat Dolls
Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
Doesn’t really matter by Janet Jackson

Silent prayer by Shanice
I will always love you by Troop
Freak me by Silk
Peaches and cream by Silk
It had to be you by Silk

Anywhere by Rita ora

Fighter by Keith urban

Gorgeous by Taylor Swift,
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
Kiss me, the cadbury song
Stuck in my heart by C21

Hot by Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Addicted by Shakira

I am with you by Avril Lavigne

Are you ready for it by Taylor Swift

Two become one by Spice Girls
Die a happy man by Thomas rhett

I wish you were here by Avril
Dress by Taylor swift
Breathe on me by Britney Spears.
You are beautiful by James Blunt

In this life by Collin raye

Slave For you by Britney Spears

Superstar by jamelia

still falling for you by Ellie Goulding


I was standing in my balcony today, staring at the sunrise,
when some thoughts just somehow, randomly came to mind.

So I asked the sun some questions, if you want to read, here they are,
“Oh dear Lord, from where do you get the energy, to be such a bright star.

Is there any god you worship, who or what is it that gives you the strength,
To wake up happy every morning, and brighten every shadowy end.

Do you find it hard, to fight the darkness at times,
And do you ever fear that your light, might one day subside.

Do you care if people love or curse you, for the heat that you so freely provide,
Do you feel that some day , you might just find it hard to even smile.

Do you know you make life possible , for even those who cause others pain,
And do you ever wish you could just give up, and simply cry in the rain.

How do you manage to be cheerful, so strong and powerful all the time,
O will you hold my hand forever , and always be there by my side.

Do you promise that no matter what occurs, I would be able to see you till my last day,
That I would be able to gaze at you with my own eyes, and touch those heavenly golden rays.

Will you teach me how to forgive those, who hurt me despite anything,
Will you heal my heart completely , and teach me a gratitude song to sing.

Oh the almighty sun, I pray today that you soak me in your soothing love,
Please fill my world with hearts that care, and with eternal blessings from above.”

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Fingers poised on the key board,
Mind muddled with myriad thoughts.
Cant discern what to write,
And what not.
Don’t tell me this is what’s called
the writer’s block.

©© Sona, 2018

All Rights Reserved.


Though I was writing a love poem almost every day from the time I joined WordPress, past few days have been slightly different. I had been posting some of my previously penned works and not writing anything fresh.

Even though there are possible images/ stories in my mind, I can’t find the words or that desire to pen them . I know I need to feel good again, and somehow find that mood to write, get inspired and let the words flow.

Since I am primarily a song writer who loves her piano and guitar, I feel I am missing those rhythms, music, inflections and so on when I write poetry. Not sure what I will do next but for sure I want this terrible block to end.

In the mean time, I am planning to reblog some of the beautiful love poems I come across, share love quotes or even lyrics of the songs I absolutely love.

Thanks for reading.

Stay happy and stay in love.



“If I Had a Single Flower for Every Time I Think of You, I Could Walk Forever in My Garden”. Claudia Adrienne Grandi

This beautiful love quote is so “pretty” that it always tugs my hopelessly romantic heart! I couldn’t resist from sharing it here on my blog 💝
Cheers to love and to everything good in our world. X.

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* CHUCK, the reluctant poet , thank you for being so wonderful to me. I really value your friendship and enjoy reading both the posts which you find for your followers as well as the lovely poems you write. XOXO.

* YASMIN, of Alfaaz-O-Tasveer. This is a beautiful blog and I would urge you all to visit.

Again, if you haven’t already, do visit these amazing blogs. Happy reading. Happy blogging.


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