“I’m addicted to sensuous daisies and luscious foreign ink,
The kind that can write poetry over my body, take away the ability to think.
Paper as smooth as her skin, as she lays down her magic potion,
And commence to printing her verses on me, creating poetry in motion”.ROY

She steals his pen, with her dewy lips,
Tying his hands with, sugary rose strings.
He knows he has no chance, as she writes her verses,
On his silver skin, with her foreign ink

She paints her love, In strokes of red,
A delicious velvet, like molten chocolate.
He closes his eyes, as she touches his heart,
Knowing he is lost, in her seductive sunset.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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❤️🌹 ADDICTED 🌹♥️


I want you like a wish, we can become each other’s obsession. I can want you in my arms, as my lover but not a possession.When I wake up early in the morning, you’re the first thing on my mind. Premeditated dreams revolving around you, every night I lay down at bedtime.

Two Occasions and Every time I close my eyes, music I listen to all day long. It’s like your name becomes a subliminal message, every time I hear those songs.

I’ll spend my every opportunity, talking to you whenever I’m free. If I choose you over sleep, then you know you’re special to me.♥️

You’ve become my favorite subject, because it’s you I want to learn and know. I channel all my thoughts on you, that’s why you’re my favorite show.

From your beauty and your charm, to the perfection and the style. I even love the…

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Your Chocolate Poetry 💐

A delicious decadent delight,
Your verses are my chocolate wrapped in gold.
Slowly I unwrap it from its cover,
Lips caressing the sugary roll.

I lick its layers one by one,
Drunk in its heady aroma.
Savouring every flavour upon my tongue,
Memorising the verses forever

Layers and layers I taste on my way,
Some meltingly familiar, some exotically unique,
Until I reach the very prized core,
Where in recognition we meet

The world may see it as a gourmet chocolate,
Poetry which to their heart appeals,
But they have no idea do they,
Of the flavours just meant for me.

Unwrapping and delving is what I love,
Because it’s the exploration which counts.
But being tugged in its core like a secret mystery,
Has its unique spin no doubt.

Of the million chocolates out there,
This is the one I truly adore.
It intoxicates my heart with pure gold,
Keeping me craving for more.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Sometimes , do you know darling,
When we are on the phone, I just love to hear you talk.
I am not listening, not really anyway,
Because in your voice I am so lost.

It floats on me like molten chocolate,
Exotic and deliciously delectable.
And I melt in its warmth, its tender touch,
Let it caress my soul, my will.

There is a gentleness in your voice, I can never deny,
It shows me how much you care.
And in those quiet hours, when the world sleeps,
It coaxes desire to flare.

It’s strange how every emotion you feel,
I can read so easily through your voice.
It’s the window of your heart to me, so much more,
When I can’t see your face, your eyes.

Do you remember the night when I first asked you to sing ?
It was a star studded sky, an enchanting hour.
Oh how shy you were, but you still sang to me,
My heart had skipped honey, you had become my star.

You are my hero, my smile, my biggest strength,
And I love you much more than I can ever say.
You were the dream of my life, now you are the life of my dreams,
And I will be by your side all the way.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.