💫Journey of Love ♥️: A Long Awaited Collab by Sona & Roy

ROSA writings¿- our fifth poetic collaboration 💖😊🎈🎵🎵💖


Usually we’d split the verses to distinguish which person wrote what verse, but we have become one on our incredible journey that we decided to not italicize our own verses just to see if our readers can tell the differences. Another journey into time, whoever thought we’d cross this line.♥️Through the gardens upon the waves, hand and hand they glided together. Sunrise beaming on their faces, with open hearts they wrote love letters.

With streaks of gold lining out, they traced their fingers in the sky. The clouds parted in sheer wonder, and magic began to fly.

Like musical notes given wings, their passionate messages hit the air. Melodies born spread far and wide, as love orchestras began to flare.

The time stopped or did it spin, and weave a tale of dreams to life. They constructed castles among the stars, creating their own paradise.

She held his…

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🌹Cha Cha Cha! Our hilarious COLLABORATION.😊♥️♥️😘

It was night for me , or were the stars winking in his sky, I honestly do not remember. But the memory of our uncontrollable laughter and his oh so cute cute disposition, is so very fresh in my mind🤗
mmm… who was it really who brought the topic of tongue twisters in our nightly phone conversations😵?
Well…(hiding my face with my hands) , it must have been me. Trust the lady to come up with something crazy like this 😉😉.
Anyways, so while I was showing off to my sweetheart, my sky rocketing, Oscar winning abilities to say various tongue twisters, including those in Hindi language, which ofcourse he wouldn’t understand, Mister American that he is, (good for me… he would never know that I spoke all of them wrong!!! gulp! Shhh… don’t tell him! Lol! ), we ended up collaborating on a new creative task😎♥️ .

Here it is.
Try it, don’t cheat😉 and have fun.😍😍
Love from both of us.
A Chinese chimpanzee was chewing cheesy cheetos on a chilly day with cheeky Chester when he chuckled by chance and choked on chips.

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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♥️♥️SEDUCED SENSES- Collaboration number 3♥️♥️

Here is presenting my third collaboration with the very wonderful and talented ROY . It has been over 2 months since we wrote something together, and I am so happy to have finally found a successful way to tempt him to write with me. Haha. For all those insane reasons, I thank you Mr. Romantic Poet, thank you from the bottom of my hopeless heart. (LOL).

Guys please let us know what you think about this collab in the comment section
Here we go…

When I see that special gleam in her eye, that sexy grin on her face,
It’s like going on an amorous rendezvous, she can blink and take me any place.
Where the stars are beneath my feet, and love will never leave my side.
A treasure box of romance ready to open, where dreams and reality collide.
as I unlock the doors to the garden of love, and see sweet magic sizzle and click.
I hear all the enchanting sounds, that her beautiful smile can fix.

And when he looks at me that way, as though seeing his universe in my eyes,
I feel my world tremble in anticipation, as our gazes catch, collide.
And oh the breathless spell of his slow smile, as he holds my hesitant gaze ,
Feels like the sweetest surge of current, madly shooting through space.
It brims with myriad alluring enigmas, and a thousand promises unspoken,
Weaving soft delicate lavender dreams, with fragrant memories tenderly woven.

The most glorious flower in the garden, when I touch her we become the perfect pair,
I stroke her roots, stems, and leaves, and slowly remove her silken layers.
She sparkles like the starry diamonds, and I am amazed by her lovely skin glow,
The musical beat of our uniting hearts, and the innocence of the honey flow.
She sings songs of beautiful tunes, as my tongue spreads over her petals tracing poetry.
She begins to pulse as we share the pleasure, and I taste her velvet verses of honey.

And when he caresses me in the moonlight, I am a blushing blossom budding to life,
His fingers trailing fire over my body, no longer making me want to hide.
He slowly unravels me layer by layer, oozing desire from every pore,
Making me want to hold him captive, on some secluded romantic shore.
He soaks me in his seductive verses, causing my leaves to quiver and thrive,
And I close my pearly petals around his lips, swallowing his sensuous sighs.

She moves smoothly with a fluent grace, with every pleasurable spot my breath finds,
Touching her petals with the potions from my tongue, being hypnotized from her peaceful whispering love chimes.
Her contact makes my whole body tingle, the delicate wildflower is pleasing to the eye,
Mouth watering and the scent of velvet honey, she sends my senses on a natural high.
Embracing her somehow feels important , even though with her I tend to lose control,
It connects us in a special way , not only by body but through soul.

And when he surrounds me in his magnum heat, his breath hot on my rosy constellations,
He makes me see a burst of stars, with his sinuous administrations.
He takes me places only a true Magician can, with his luxurious kisses and sips,
Causing this wildflower to blush dark red, right from roots to tips.
He softly wraps me in his loving arms, as our hearts beat fast, together,,
Making me want to preserve this moment in time, to cherish this beautiful bond forever.

Thank you for reading.
©© ROY AND SONA , 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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Come take a ride with me on the fairy dust of a star,
lets go around the galaxy, tracing planets near and far.

I will hold your hands tightly in mines, as we fly across the milky way,
hold you in my warm embrace, as we land on the moon to dance and play.

Then we will jump into the Big Dipper, just to enjoy the brilliant space,
racing across its seven stars, laughing in the wind caressing our face.

Our love will keep us grounded, as we get the feeling of floating in air,
we will swirl and whirl, spin and twirl, on the orbits without a care.

soaring on a sparkling comet, in the galaxy we will lay on the shooting star,
there I will hold you close to me honey, and tell you how magnificently gorgeous you are.

All this glitter and shine that’s around us, it’s more vibrant than any other colour,
The moon, the sun and a million stars, still don’t shine brighter than you my lover.

Oh come take a ride with me on the fairy dust of a star,
Let’s go form our own universe, make love on planets near and far.


©© ROY and SONA, 2018

All Rights Reserved.


“I’m addicted to sensuous daisies and luscious foreign ink,
The kind that can write poetry over my body, take away the ability to think.
Paper as smooth as her skin, as she lays down her magic potion,
And commence to printing her verses on me, creating poetry in motion”.ROY

She steals his pen, with her dewy lips,
Tying his hands with, sugary rose strings.
He knows he has no chance, as she writes her verses,
On his silver skin, with her foreign ink

She paints her love, In strokes of red,
A delicious velvet, like molten chocolate.
He closes his eyes, as she touches his heart,
Knowing he is lost, in her seductive sunset.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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We stepped on our sparkling planet, hand in hand, together,
My heart was singing with happiness, as we smiled at each other like lovers.

you were being naughty the way you are, teasing me on my eye roll,
giving new interpretations to my simple gestures, exasperated I wanted to tie you to a pole.

From teasing to sweet romance, still not sure how the current shifted,
But I remember wanting to plant a special flower, just to enrich our gorgeous planet.

So I asked you if you would like to create a unique flower with me, something more beautiful than one had ever seen,
You smiled and said of course you would, and together we created a blossom more beautiful than any sun beam.

It was the colour of the purest red, with golden borders on the side,
You may think it was rose but it wasn’t, it was something more heavenly and divine.

It smelled like jasmine and midnight marigold, a sweet fragrance which you said represented me,
I added the heady perfume of the rose, an aroma which is associated with you in my dreams.

Our flower was so delicate and soft to the touch, it was like velvet honey,
It was created with so much love, a blossom more precious to us than money.

And now the problem came to us, what should we name our magical creation,
So I looked up the internet for possible names, a pretty name which would have our names in fusion.

We found a word so beautiful, it was perfect like a golden ray,
In Italian it meant a baby rose born of love, it even had our name fused in a way.

So we called it ROSA, our flower, and planted it lovingly on our planet,
Knowing it would always symbolise our love, and touch our heart with its enchanting magic

Many days have passed since we created it to life, and it always smiles happily at us,
Sweetening our life with its pretty fragrance, strengthening our bond with tenderness and trust.

©© ROY and SONA 2018
All Rights Reserved.

🌹🔮 Rosa 🌹💫


The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart.♥️It started with a wink and a gorgeous smile, on the Sparkling Planet we planted a seed. And from out of its poetic soul, the most beautiful idea was conceived.🌹

It was watered by a couples romantic raindrops, and shined on daily by their love rays. Fertilized by the strongest of relationships, a flower was created that day.

But this wasn’t your garden variety flower, it was much more special than that. A plant of pure romance named Rosa, and this rose was a treat to look at.

A stem equipped with green leafs, it stood rather sturdy and stout. A thorn protruding from each side, only to let you know this rose would stick out.

Rose petals made like wings, all of them with a dark red tint. Each outlined in gold, when the…

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A ROSE FOR MY ANGEL♥️♥️ – Collaboration Number 2. ♥️

My second collaboration with the very talented and wonderful ROY, this was truly special because instead of writing separate verses, I matched his every line in the same verse. So the first line in each verse is his, and the second mines. Although I have to add, we did edit each other’s lines, , me more since I always seem to find fancy and crazy ideas in my pretty little head😉. Thank you Roy for not rolling your eyes and for not being even slightly annoyed at my “heavenly” demands!!! Haha!♥️
Here we go.

I picked a blushing rose from the Heavens , designated for a beautiful face,
Sprinkled it with all my love , wrapped it in shimmering lace.

Prepped the petals just right, and made sure the stem was strong,
Because it was meant for that special someone, to whom my heart belonged

This was a very unique flower, different from any of its counterparts,
It had the power to touch the soul, and entice every single heart,

It had beauty beyond any blossom, and a fragrance u couldn’t believe,
Magic visibly tucked in its soft folds, something which every eye could perceive,

I took this enchantingly romantic rose, and carefully put it in a crystal vase,
Surrounded it in golden sunlight, its perfume an intoxicating trace.

I could have added other flowers to make a bunch, but this beauty was strong enough alone,
Everything about it spoke of love, and with a radiant happiness it shone.

This rose was going to be the perfect gift, but yet something felt incomplete,
So I wrote a little love poem to my lover, on a delicate lavender sheet.

I placed my note in the vase, and carried my present to my precious love,
Hoping the Angels would smile on me today, and beautiful blessings would rain from above.
What do you think, did it rain?😉♥️
Thank you for reading.

©© ROY and SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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♥️THINKING OF YOU♥️- A Collaboration

My very first collaboration,
His first collaboration as well,
And our first collaboration together.
This is special. Thank you ROY.
To all those who have not already done so , do visit his magical blog at.
It is a place where romance takes on a new definition altogether, so very peaceful and utterly beautiful.

Dressed in midnight, beneath twinkling lights, she gazes at a distant star,
She quietly breathes his name in her heart, wondering if he can feel her love from afar.

He walks the beach during the summer hours, as he catches glimpse of the sun at noon. Thoughts of her running through his mind, wishing his dreams and reality would collide soon.

She feathers the skies , thinking of him, his words a fragrant oasis in her mind,
She kisses the wind as though touching him now , hoping its destination it will find

He lays on his back and feels the sand , as a gentle breeze comes through,
He closes his eyes and smiles peacefully, while softly whispering “I love you.”,

She feels a stutter , in her heart, as his voice she hears so clear,
And in the shade of a million loving stars she says , “ I wish you were closer my dear”.

Just when he was about to open his eyes, his mind beheld a beautiful sight.
His love from afar sent him a silent prayer, and he knew that everything would be alright.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.