Me without you ❤️

Though I have a

Sea of people

To talk to,

To laugh with,

To care for,

The empty spaces

In my heart,

yearns only

For YOU. ❤️

My lonely afternoons

That melt into soundless evenings,

Scream one thing clear in my heart,

And it’s truth alone shakes me,

That I will rather fight with you,

Cry with you,

Than be without


Sparkling Freeze 💖 .


Teach Me To Dream💫♥️

God only help me if I ever got a student like this in class. Hahaha♥️♥️😵😵😵😘


Sapno Ki kisse Zaroorat Hai. Jab Khwaab Yahi hothon peho.🌹 ~Sona~♥️He was no Mister Know It All, he would learn all that he can. There was so many things he saw and heard, that he did not understand.

Always looking to be taught, always looking for knowledge he could pass. That’s exactly why he couldn’t wait, to enroll into his new class.

He had plans of impressing the new teacher, wooing her with the words he would write. But things didn’t go according to plan, when he seen her step into the spotlight.

Glittering Gold seemed to surround her, she was like an Angel from above. As soon as she said “Mein apki professor hongi”, he instantly fell in love.

Her eyes, her beauty and voice, it all made his head spin. He would graduate the course with flying colors, and then take her class all…

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Has your lover ever taken days off from work, just to be with you,
After hearing my sad voice on the phone, my baby knew exactly what to do.

He cashed in his vacation, held my hand and took me on a ride,
Into a soft place of dreams, where pretty sunsets and sunrises collide.

Satin clouds became our bed, while our hearts did the talking,
Breath vapoured into music, becoming the air beneath our wings.

Wrapped in each others arms, we painted a magical moment of happiness,
An enchanting beach with fountains and forests, a union which Angels would witness.

but when he made those promises to me, emotions raw in his voice,
I can honestly say my heart forgot to beat, for it just had no other choice.

My world tilted on its axis, staggered by the depth of his love,
Words alluded me in sheer wonder, when they saw the gift I had gotten from above.

Somewhere someplace in space, the skies must have burst into colours,
When cocooned in our love, we placed rings of promises on each others fingers.

Me: do you think we would ever meet honey?
Him: I don’t see why I wouldn’t ever meet my…. !!!

DATED the 27th of MAY, 2019,
A beautiful memorable day .

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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You were my poetry, now you are becoming my music,
Last night as i thought of you, my heart wrote these lyrics♥️.
Happy 11 months anniversary sweetheart😘😘.

If I,
Were to bare my heart tonight,
You would find oceans and oceans of love.

No lie,
You’ve planted roses in my life,
Healed every bleeding hurt.

You’ve touched me in a way, , like no other,
I found my everything in you, my dear lover.

Oh baby, can you see,
You’ve made me into a woman complete.
Night after night, beneath the stars,
You’ve slowly become my heart beat.

My mind,
Breathes your name all the time,
You’re the first thought that clothes me every day.

That’s how your kisses I will define,
Your hugs are more special to me than words can ever say.

You feel like someone I might have known forever,
And I’ve found everything in you, my lover.

Oh baby, can you see,
You’ve made me into a woman complete.
Night after night, beneath the stars,
You’ve slowly become my heart beat.

Link your fingers with mines, my love,
I never wanna let you go.
From sunrise to sunset,
Walk with me on this life’s shore.

Oh! You’ve touched me in a way, , like no other,
I found my everything in you, my lover.

Oh baby, can you see,
You’ve made me into a woman complete.
Night after night, beneath the stars,
You’ve slowly become my heart beat.

Oh darling, can you see,
You’ve made me into a woman complete.
Night after night, beneath the stars,
You’ve slowly become my heart beat♥️.

©© Sona may 10th, 2019.
All Rights Reserved.


In the velvet sky, the moon quietly shines,
Romancing the stars with its beam,
It reaches my eyes, and shows me your face,
Making me turn to you in my dreams.

Smiling, I rest my head on your chest,
And knock at the window of your heart.
“Can I come in, my love?”, I whisper,
“I can’t bear another moment apart”.

“You never have to ask , my Queen”, you breathe,
As tightly you wrap me in your arms.
“This castle has craved your presence all day,
Come flood me with your soothing balm”.

Your lips caress my naked heart,
Your fingertips shatter my walls,
And you catch me and spin me around,
As ever deeper into you I fall.

Nothing else matters to me anymore,
For the depth of your love feels true.
Can you hear the echo of your name in my soul,
It is soaring across the ocean to you.

With love,


I told u I could not fly,
Am not like the other birds.
Was scared u would take off,
Thinking I have less worth.

Singing poesy, you stayed back,
Hopping nearer my branch.
I was scared to believe, to look at you,
To ride in this love ranch.

Your songs silently soothed my soul,,
Lighting caverns with love.
And I didn’t know when we both were,
Soaring higher in our hearts, than the skies above.

Sun rose and hid, seasons changed like the wind,
And two birds still gaily perch in their tree.
Sweetening the air with their pretty songs,
Charming the world with their poetry.

© Sona, 2018

do dreams really come true

The Lonely Author

do dreams really come true

they say the waves never stop
caressing your footprints
with a white dance
of pirouetting ocean foam
the breeze whispers your name
through trembling palm leaves
as coconuts gently fall
constructing our love hut of a home

the moon told me
she has never seen anything
as brilliant as your eyes
your adoring eyes
she suggests I make our chats endless
by squeezing the entire beach
into a sun dial
as immense as the sun rise

oh, to taste an orange sunset
with you my pet
as we swing in a hammock
made just for two
listen to the island sing a song
encouraging me
to stop fantasizing and ask
my love
do dreams really come true

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Savouring your love ❤️

I count your breaths,
in the moon light,
as you softly whisper on my cheeks,

I soak your voice,
in my parched heart,
for your proximity is all I need.

I memorise your verses ,
Every sunrise,
To carry them with me wherever I go

And I wear our conversations,
Every quilted night,
they give me cosy dreams of a romantic Californian shore.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

♥️♥️SEDUCED SENSES- Collaboration number 3♥️♥️

Here is presenting my third collaboration with the very wonderful and talented ROY . It has been over 2 months since we wrote something together, and I am so happy to have finally found a successful way to tempt him to write with me. Haha. For all those insane reasons, I thank you Mr. Romantic Poet, thank you from the bottom of my hopeless heart. (LOL).

Guys please let us know what you think about this collab in the comment section
Here we go…

When I see that special gleam in her eye, that sexy grin on her face,
It’s like going on an amorous rendezvous, she can blink and take me any place.
Where the stars are beneath my feet, and love will never leave my side.
A treasure box of romance ready to open, where dreams and reality collide.
as I unlock the doors to the garden of love, and see sweet magic sizzle and click.
I hear all the enchanting sounds, that her beautiful smile can fix.

And when he looks at me that way, as though seeing his universe in my eyes,
I feel my world tremble in anticipation, as our gazes catch, collide.
And oh the breathless spell of his slow smile, as he holds my hesitant gaze ,
Feels like the sweetest surge of current, madly shooting through space.
It brims with myriad alluring enigmas, and a thousand promises unspoken,
Weaving soft delicate lavender dreams, with fragrant memories tenderly woven.

The most glorious flower in the garden, when I touch her we become the perfect pair,
I stroke her roots, stems, and leaves, and slowly remove her silken layers.
She sparkles like the starry diamonds, and I am amazed by her lovely skin glow,
The musical beat of our uniting hearts, and the innocence of the honey flow.
She sings songs of beautiful tunes, as my tongue spreads over her petals tracing poetry.
She begins to pulse as we share the pleasure, and I taste her velvet verses of honey.

And when he caresses me in the moonlight, I am a blushing blossom budding to life,
His fingers trailing fire over my body, no longer making me want to hide.
He slowly unravels me layer by layer, oozing desire from every pore,
Making me want to hold him captive, on some secluded romantic shore.
He soaks me in his seductive verses, causing my leaves to quiver and thrive,
And I close my pearly petals around his lips, swallowing his sensuous sighs.

She moves smoothly with a fluent grace, with every pleasurable spot my breath finds,
Touching her petals with the potions from my tongue, being hypnotized from her peaceful whispering love chimes.
Her contact makes my whole body tingle, the delicate wildflower is pleasing to the eye,
Mouth watering and the scent of velvet honey, she sends my senses on a natural high.
Embracing her somehow feels important , even though with her I tend to lose control,
It connects us in a special way , not only by body but through soul.

And when he surrounds me in his magnum heat, his breath hot on my rosy constellations,
He makes me see a burst of stars, with his sinuous administrations.
He takes me places only a true Magician can, with his luxurious kisses and sips,
Causing this wildflower to blush dark red, right from roots to tips.
He softly wraps me in his loving arms, as our hearts beat fast, together,,
Making me want to preserve this moment in time, to cherish this beautiful bond forever.

Thank you for reading.
©© ROY AND SONA , 2018
All Rights Reserved.

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The words you whisper,
The moments we share,
Blanket my body,
All through the day.
Lingering on my skin,
A scent of memory,
A blushing reminder ,
Breathing our story.
And as your moon dips
And enters my skies,
I lay down in bed,
And close my eyes.
Only to feel your syllables,
Retrace secret paths,
From that moment we shared,
Easing my mind and heart.
And I hold you close,
Unable to get enough,
Love struck and craving,
More of your hypnotic touch.
Still wearing that sweet perfume,
Your memory on my body,
Breathing desire,
Gasping in our midnight story.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

♥️🌹 Precious Painting 🌹♥️

A truly magical poem. Never knew painting could be so seductive.♥️♥️


You’re a sweet dream and I don’t wanna wake up from you. Your love is to good to be true.💫When the day transforms into night, and the night evolves into the day. The innocence of the Sun goes down, and the full Moon minds come out to play.

The two hearts begin to beat as one, as the lovers continue to speak. Their minds continue to flow, and their bodies finally meet.

The conversation becomes mighty colorful, her vivid vocabulary controls the flow. He strokes the soft bristles on the brush, side to side nice and slow.

She looks over at the bare easel and smiles, she covers it with a clean white sheet. She starts off with some Lavender Love, and sprinkled some Passionate Pink for added heat.

She then whispered in his ear, some more words that made him quiver. Sparkled his erotic feelings, with colors…

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Come burn in me, as i burn in thee,
just you and me, as together we script our smouldering love story.♥️

I burn,
for your eyes on me.
I burn,
For your warmth around me.
I burn,
For those silken feasts ,
When together we lie in satin sheets.

I burn,
For your hands on my skin.
I burn,
For your lips like sin.
I burn,
For your every touch,
Stroking, soaking, In this hazy hush.

Oh this craving,
This yearning,
This feeling
Is maddening,
I want you,
I need you,
So much,
So much.

Yes this longing,
This dreaming,
This desiring,
Is staggering,
Come closer,
I need you,
So much,
So much

I burn,
For your feel on me.
I burn,
To be truly me.
I burn,
To be with thee,
Forever and forever,
Till eternity.

I burn

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Hi guys, this is the very first poem I ever wrote and I am so happy to have FINALLY found it after much hunting. It brought back some memories, kind of made me smile and teary eyed all at the same time. But anyways, this definitely had to be up on my blog.

I close my eyes and see a dream, I know it will stay with me for ever, ever and ever,
Beyond the realm of earth, across the universe, in the ethereal pond of honeyed sugar.

There I see you my precious friend, wearing a beautiful warm smile,
All the mist of my mind evaporates, and once again the stars begin to shine.

The soft green grass, the beauty of the path, the fragrance of the woods which lead up to you,
Somewhere in the distance I hear a bird sing, as I walk towards you, I know our friendship is true.

A peaceful silence descends upon us, as arm in arm we walk,
Into the lap of nature, into the valley of golden rocks.

A divine sight awaits us there, in the form of an exquisite fountain,
Its mere beauty takes our breath away, it’s like stars shooting from a majestic mountain.

Mesmerised, we stand there, as time flies by,
So enchanted that we don’t realise , it’s the moment to say goodbye.

The leaves rustle, the wind whistles, as our time together reaches an end,
You tell me that every ending leads to a fresh beginning , and that is natures trend.

We part our paths, with a heavy heart, with a silent promise to once again meet,
In the lap of nature, somewhere, where a sweet fantasy we will weave.

I open my eyes, preserve the dream, and I know it will stay with me for ever , ever and ever,
beyond the realm of earth, across the universe, in the ethereal pond of honeyed sugar.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.
Stay happy wherever you are A.


Tonight the moon shines in all its reverent glory,
It looks at me and says, “ do you want to live a love story?”
I place my fingers on my chin, and roll my eyes at the question,
“Is that really something to ask, Oh glittering King of the Heavens.”

it smiles at me and says , “Anything specific in your mind?”
I say, “My dear moon, the one you think is perfect for me, someone loving and kind”
It winks at me and chuckles , “So you are leaving the decision on me??”
“Of course my teasing celestial Lord, and now go do your duty”.

“Someone is very bossy”, it laughs as it surrounds me in a silver bubble,
Transporting me to a planet, where there are magical flowers and rainbow pebbles.
A warm feeling washes over me, as the planet welcomes me with open arms,
It reveals to me its treasures one by one, its beauty the most soothing balm.

I find myself looking at snow capped hills, a cute cottage quietly tucked in between,
It reminds me of embers crackling in the hearth, and a very romantic scene.
There are rows and rows of a unique flower, they hold some magical properties I think,
They sway and wave at me in greeting, as if we have a previous link.

Unable to resist I go closer, a sense of recognition knocking at my heart,
Oh they are my baby Italian ROSA, a blossom I created with the one who sketches poetry like art.
I now realise finally, why the moon sent me here tonight,
I can’t wait to meet my romantic poet again, can’t wait to hug him tight.

I look around wondering, where my sweetheart might just be,
When I feel familiar arms wrap around my waist, and his unique scent surround me.
I rest my head back on his chest, as I close my eyes in pleasure,
He kisses my windswept hair, holding me tighter for good measure.

And slowly, oh so slowly, he turns me around in his arms,
I open my eyes and gaze at him, and feel his hypnotic charm.
He places his finger over my lips, revisiting time, rewinding clock,
I can’t help but feel love explode in my heart, as all locked doors unlock.

I kiss his finger slowly, and mischievously place it back on his lips,
“The time for teasing could be some other day”, he says, as he pulls me in for a kiss.
The sky sparkles and the land cheers, as we beautifully bond together as lovers,
I hear a soft whisper in my heart, oh it’s the moon saying “stay happy always , my dear”.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


“Forget the umbrella, let’s chose to be insane,
Because lovers like us, make magic dancing in the rain” ~Roy~



Amidst  the twinkling glow of  city lights, on the sidewalk we stand in the rain,
Your  heart shaped umbrella being our romantic cover, as for the first time we embrace.


Shivers  run up my spine, as you slowly wrap your arms around me,
I’m soaked and trembling against your chest, when a sudden idea hits me.


“Would you like to get wet in the rain, Mr magician?”, I innocently ask,
“Or will your powers dissipate in this shower?”, I sweetly tease and laugh.


You gaze at the mischief in my eyes, and pretend to consider every word,
“maybe you should find it out for yourself, madam Enchantress  ”, you say, as the umbrella flies away like a bird.


We look into each other’s eyes, fire stirring, sparks crackling between us,
And before I know it, you’re spinning me round in a dance, and I can’t help giggling at  this sudden rush.


I’m not sure whether my feet are on the ground, or whether I’m flying in the air,
All I know, is that I love the show, of this drenched delicious magician, oh heart beware.


I spin some music all around us, after all, even I’ve some enchanting power,
You smile that lazy smile of yours, as once again you pull me in closer.


I don’t think we remember the rain, as your breath trails sweet fire over my lips,
Cause the magician and the enchantress are in their own world, igniting embers with their smouldering kiss.


©©  SONA,  2018

All Rights Reserved.


❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️

this is the second part of the umbrella series


From the magicians point of view!


The rain continues to fall in the streets, and we’re standing in the middle of the busy traffic. City lights are romantic and car horns resemble music, and we are wrapped in the warmth of our magic. I pull you closer and you’re shaking, I whisper “Are you afraid of me?” You look at me with the most beautifulest smile, and say “I have no reason to be.”

How did you manage to hypnotize me, it was you I actually had on the brain. So I ask what can I call you, you stroke my cheek and whisper in my ear “What’s in a name?” I laugh and raise my umbrella in the air, we watch it magically unfurl. What we have on the streets is two lovers in love, falling in love in a Dreamworld.

I gently hand you my umbrella, and…

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UMBRELLA♥ part 1

“We held hands on that magic day, we were beautifully bonded as lovers,
The rain romantically fell, our heart shaped umbrellas served as our cover.” ~R~❤️

Some magic, some poetry, and begins an enchanting story.❤️

As the rain drenches the earth one evening,
City roads creek and groan.
Shivering, trembling, , I am running fast,
Finding my way through blazing horns.

though flashing cars offer me their sapphire seats,
I ignore their open doors.
Some call me foolish, some call me proud,
But I need their judgements no more.

So, alone I move on beneath the darkening skies,
Wishing I had someone to hold.
And as I stop to catch my breath , one blazing moment,
A magic draws me from across the road

I look up and see you standing there,
And my world momentarily stops.
Your face, your vibe feels so familiar,
Aren’t you the one I love to dream about?

The rain doesn’t seem to touch me anymore,
As your spell draws me in deep.
Only now do I see you are holding an umbrella,
Quietly wishing to share it with me.

Laughing I warn you I am a bit crazy,
In a line even spill my life’s story.
But you are still there, holding your umbrella,
Still Wishing to share it with me.

“Are you some Magician I dreamed into life?”,
I ask as I draw nearer.
Smiling you pull me close, into your warmth,
Covering me under your umbrella.

Too spell bound am I to say anything anymore,
As I feel your magic surround me.
And to the readers who want to know what happened next,
Well It is still an ongoing story.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

A Real Dream Come True


If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough! Dream bigger!Every night I went to sleep,

I had this reoccurring dream.

I was walking with a vision of love,

Along a very peaceful stream.

We would hold each other’s hand,

The sun would begin to shine.

I’d then look her in the eye

And pray we’d last till the end of time.

It was almost like a fairytale,

Everything stood still, the birds

The breeze, and time, yet it seemed so real.

A gentle rain would fall,

So we would shelter one another.

Our feelings kept us warm,

Our love served as a cover.

Then morning soon would arise,

I’d wake up next to you.

That’s when I truly realized

That dreams really do come true!

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You are in my songs,
In my music,
In my voice,
In my lyrics,
In my melody,
In my strums.
In my beats,
In all my love rhythms.

Who says you need to be right here,
For me to touch, to feel you.
Cause when I close my eyes and strum,
Honey! I am right there with you.

My heart soars free like a singing bird,
Every time I play my guitar.
no chains here, just worthy wings,
Flying me to where ever you are.

We meet somewhere, in our own universe,
Where holding me close, you kiss me,
Its our place, just yours and mine,
And there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Some notes trickle in , from distant lands,
They are the strings being plucked on a guitar.
They adorn our world, a golden glow,
Promising blessed union in our stars.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


“I’m addicted to sensuous daisies and luscious foreign ink,
The kind that can write poetry over my body, take away the ability to think.
Paper as smooth as her skin, as she lays down her magic potion,
And commence to printing her verses on me, creating poetry in motion”.ROY

She steals his pen, with her dewy lips,
Tying his hands with, sugary rose strings.
He knows he has no chance, as she writes her verses,
On his silver skin, with her foreign ink

She paints her love, In strokes of red,
A delicious velvet, like molten chocolate.
He closes his eyes, as she touches his heart,
Knowing he is lost, in her seductive sunset.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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Because I can’t see you cry.

Every time you walk into a stormy night,
Hoping darkness would shadow your fears,
I would be right there beside you, umbrella in hand,
Longing to wipe your tears.

You may think the thunder would cover your cries,
And the rain would gloss the wetness of your face ,
But the lightning will show me all I need to see,
So I will quietly guide you to a warm place.

There I would softly hold your hands in mines,
And look into your unfathomable eyes.
Wipe your every tear with my own cheeks,
And change you into clothes dry.

I would make hot chocolate for you those nights,
And bring it to your lips making you drink.
Rest your head on my chest, stroke your hair,
As a beautiful song I would sing.

It would be in a tongue you would not understand,
But its love will sooth your mind.
I would hug you tight and hold you close, ,
Until all your pain subsides.

I would light a fire in the fire place,
kiss you tender, long and deep.
Tell you all is fine, don’t worry about anything,
and slowly love you to sleep.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

What’s Really real? Well, it’s love

Do we stand on the edge of opposite sides of the earth,
Or do we live in a planet in a different dimension?
Do we look at the skies and realise our worlds are different,
Or do we not care and just think of each other on those two occasions.?

do we realise we hold each other’s hearts in our hands,
and that we gave our own despite the distance?
do we think of lying together beneath the same sparkling stars,
and cherish each other in every season?

Do we miss each other like the desert misses the rain,
Or do we not crave each other because we feel that sweet presence? ,
Do we not write verses to show how deep our love really is,
And that we adore each other without any reason?.

Do we not hold each other and sleep in that loving warmth,
knowing that our hearts beat as one?
But do we not dream in the soft beauty of the moon,
And know that a part of our heart is being touched by the sun?

Do we not redefine reality based on our feelings,
Because how we feel, is the most important thing?
Do we not daily merge boundaries between real and virtual,
Tell me honey what do you really think.

Maybe these thoughts never cross your mind,
And maybe I am a fool for even thinking this way.
But no matter the number of questions , honey I want you to know,
You are precious to me and that I want us to stay.
Because hey,
Yes you,
I ♥️ you all the way.😘

©© Sona 2018

All Rights Reserved.


The sweetness you pen for me,
permeates my mind and heart,
Like warm honey trickling from sensuous moon,
Soaking rosy petals in the dark.

All I can do is close my eyes in bliss ,
As you lather me with your words,
Peeling all the abstruse clouds away,
Drowning me in verses unheard.

I pull you closer, closer into me,
And let our poetries merge.
Oh love do you see desire flaming in my eyes,
As I slowly unbutton your shirt.

I place my hands over your golden heart ,
And feel you tremble under me.
Close your eyes , and feel my soft fragrance,
As on your land , I quiver, and journey.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Dream !



But you know
there are many words
that I want to say to you
that will remain between
my lips, stitched,
like the water in the vast ocean
just touches the shore
gently and then recedes.

But may be in the faded light
of the faint moonlit sky
as you sleep to the sound
of peaceful night
I will whisper those words
in your ear
which you can’t hear
but may be
I will dream of you
dreaming those words.


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Tulips, , roses, carnations, and daisys,
violets, jasmines, marigolds, and lilies.
All smile happily, as they sway in the breeze,
when they come to know, that with you they are going to meet.

They gaze at the moon, hoping it would drip some dewy enticing nectar,
And ask the wind to keep their petals fresh, despite the weary weather.
They try and try ways, to win over your romantic heart,
Hoping you would pick them, and make them your life’s part.

And when you enter their garden, the air crackles with sparks,
Their is a heavy rush of anticipation, shimmering brightness takes over the dark.
You look at all their expectant faces, and find it hard to select just one,
So you bring all of them together, in a marvellous magical bunch.

You kiss them all one by one, knowing I would touch them this way,
Breathe over them your tender love, so that its fragrance takes all my pain away.
You whisper softly in their ears, “Tell my love I love her”,
They nod happily as they say, “Consider your message delivered”.

And when you gift these blossoms to me, I feel my heart soar,
Soft magic runs up my fingers, unlocking locked doors.
A bloom of sweet happiness, fills my heart and mind,
As I feel your love surround me, its warmth so special and divine.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Like the crimson sunrise which stretches across barren skies,
Soaking every crevasse , making one stop and sigh.
Or like the rain which drenches the forest from head to feet,
Giving it life, making it sing seductive symphonies.

Like the wind which gently carries those abstruse clouds away,
Revealing the moon, which glows brighter than any passionate day.
Or like the ripples which flood a quietly flowing river when,
Silently touched in love by a romantic foreign pen.

Like the sweet fragrance which wraps around a pretty marigold,
Making it blush in the warmth so beautifully bestowed.
Or like the lonely star which twinkles shyly against balmy midnights,
When looked upon in wonder with gorgeous love filled eyes,

This is what your verses do to me,
Yes this is what occurs when you magic dreams for me.

I begin to fall and no there is no stopping,
My world comes to a halt, and there is no describing this feeling.♥️😘.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Although the world is so happy for me,
I cannot find any peace.
There is so much craziness and pressure around,
I wish I knew how to feel.

I want to talk to you so much more,
Let your gentle love flow over my mind.
Let your vanilla words create a ripple of sweet happiness,
And make everything feel alright.

But things are such that I can’t even talk to you,
And you already know the reason why.
I know you say you understand and that it’s ok,
But honey how do I explain this to my own mind.

I can’t even find the ability to rhyme sentences,
Or to even think about running my blog.
So all I do is read the poems you write for me,
And in my heart feel your love unlock.

I go over the little poems you write for me on chat,
And smile at our unpublished collaborations.
The way we talk, it’s so sweet and steamy,
Oh! I love our romance filled conversations.

Do you remember our first attempt at writing together,
All those weeks back.
I was so nervous even though I had suggested the topic,
and now look at us, in shyness we lack.

You are so sweet and naughty, loving and kind,
You are my very own romantic poet.
I want to pull your cheeks and kiss you big right now,
Make you breathless, and then sing a romantic duet.

Even your thought alone makes me so happy,
Sweetheart, You are that special and precious to me.
So at my 2pm, I wish you goodnight in my mind ,
And hope you can catch my warm hug in your dreams.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Thank you for writing this for me. I am so touched. Much love.

Specially equipped with an enchanting smile, and that was merely just the start.
Pleasantly known for her endless beauty, and her wonderfully pure heart.
And she has to be a dream or something, because the way she makes him feel.
Religiously thinks about her night and day, and the feeling is mutual and that’s real.
Keenly anticipating her image in the morning, because she is the sun in the sky.
Looking upon the stars at night, she is the moon in the midnight up high.
In an absolute vision of love, against all odds they became lovers.
Newly paired they did the unexpected, they actually helped fix each other.
Guy taught the girl how to smile, girl taught the guy how to explore.


Strengthen a relationship so powerful, it busted through the ceiling from the floor.
Only reality that mattered was theirs, on their planet nothing could go wrong.
New dreams always surfaced, and they never spent time alone.
All he wanted was to keep his magic, and she would help make it last.
Lovers in love falling in love, writing their own book and they were the only cast.

©© R and S 2018
All Rights Reserved.